Clover, Red


Clover, Red, Trifolium pratense – Good for Hoodoo-style money spells, Clover being a symbol of prosperity and wealth.

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Clover, Red

Trifolium pratense

Size: 1 oz

Uses for Clover, Red

Trifolium pratense is great for Hoodoo money spells and Clover is a symbol of prosperity and wealth.

The expression “rolling in the Clover” means a windfall and usually of money blessings.

Added to incense, Clover of the red variety can be burned to draw money or new customers.

Ground into a powder and spread about a place or on the body, Red Clover acts as a money magnet for business.

While grinding, it’s best to invoke the aid of a Deity known for bestowing such blessings. Venus or Sol might be appropriate choices for your focused prayers and petitions.

Additionally, many spells designed to draw lovers employ Red Clover. This may stem from the idea that some casters are in fact trying to secure a partner who is well-off, financially.

Clover is less often part of Ceremonial Magick and has more acclaim in Hoodoo practice. Pagan witches of various paths embrace it as a friendly plant familiar and use it in their spells.


Certified Organic

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