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Clarity Incense – Bring on the lucid thought!

Finally… an incense for clearing your mind and tackling those important, decision-making sessions!

Use this to help you prepare for other, essential magickal workings and for any venture where you want to have maximum focus, before you start.

Size: 60 mL glass bottle

Clarity Incense is more than just a “smell good” and it’s more than just a placebo. It’s a carefully formulated blend of herbs and resins, substances that are known for waking you up to a different state of consciousness. I keep my formulas secret and so I won’t give out the recipe. But to give you an idea, here’s a couple of ingredients.

There’s Camphor, which relaxes the mind and wakes it up at the same time and Lavender, an herb of Mercury. Lavender has more of the relaxation qualities and it helps you let go of the anxiety and embrace the reality.

Burn this incense on Three Kings Charcoal and first, invoke your patron Deity. Offer them some water, bread and Honey and ask them to protect you from ALL falsehood.

Ask them to grant you the eyes to see Truth, the ears to hear Wisdom the open heart and mind to accept the knowledge and guidance you receive.

Then, waft it over your head, nine times and each time, say:

Fog and confusion, I chase away

Clarity and Truth, win the day


Then take three, very light sniffs of the rising smoke, each time saying:

Unafraid, I invite reality

I pursue the real, shunning novelty

Focus on your goal as you do this and remember that you’re inviting truth. So, if you have a sudden realization that you’re on the wrong track, accept it.

Remember, your guardians are protecting you from fearful thoughts and flights of fancy, so whatever comes through is solid information. That is, if you have truly opened your heart and tuned your mind to the Higher.

Do not ingest.


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