Cedar Leaf


Cedar Leaf, Thuja plicata, Masculine, related to Jupiter and/or Sol, Sagittarius, Elemental Fire. Jupiter (or Zeus) and Sol (or Helios), the Gods of high office, power and authority.

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Cedar Leaf

Thuja plicata 

Masculine, related to Jupiter and/or Sol, Sagittarius, Elemental Fire

The Cedars of Lebanon stand tall in biblical legend, with their royal scent and their reputation for being the lumber of fine houses and temples.

It only makes sense that Cedar Leaf would be associated with Jupiter (or Zeus) and Sol (or Helios), the Gods of high office, power and authority.

This all natural leaf makes for a regal addition to any incense or bath mix, ground into powder or even laid out in an offering bowl upon your altar.

Cedar Leaf produces a sweet, aromatic smell, especially when burned. It can be used as part of a smudge blend to do a house cleansing.

As a spell ingredient, you will find it useful where assistance is needed to work one’s way up in the ranks of the status quo.

J.M. Greer states that it was used in the rituals of ancient Egypt, regarding eternal life, such as the rites of mummification. Also, that it’s been traditionally planted around cemeteries, as a symbol of everlasting life.

Certified Organic

Using organic ingredients in your conjure operations means that your work is purer, closer to the act of going out and picking these items straight from nature. You won’t have to deal with hazardous pesticides or toxic fertilizers.

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