cat candle, red - ritual, spell candles for magick
cat candle, white - ritual, spell candles for magick
cat candle, black - ritual, spell candles for magick

Cat Candles


Cat Candles – Figural candles in the shape of a cat – use for any type of general, good luck spells; especially popular with gamblers.


Cat Candles – Figural candles, useful for spells of luck, especially gambling luck.

Available in several colors. 

Nine Lives

Everyone knows that a cat has nine lives, at least, so they say, right? Most of us witness, at some point, a cat pulling off some sort of escape from danger that defies explanation.

For this reason, gamblers who use spells to increase luck lean toward cat candles. Every gambler needs to pull out of a tough spot, now and then.

These feline figural candles come in different colors and there are a number of uses for each.


Well I ain’t superstitious…
But a black cat done crossed my trail.

—Willie Dixon, from the song I Ain’t Superstitious

Likewise, we all hear the old saying that if a black cat crosses your path, it’s a sign of ill fortune ahead.

While I’m not one to put any stock in this particular bit of lore, it’s important to understand it. It’s for this reason that the black cat candles are useful both for laying and removing curses.

The Black Cat

Dress a black cat With an oil such as Reversing or Uncrossing, to shake off any spells or jinxes. Conversely, one fixes one of these with a cursing oil to put such things in motion.

Additionally, for workings of hiding things, consider the black cat or the black, Male Figural or Female Figural. Dress with Invisibility Oil and apply a sprinkling of Invisibility Powder.

Other Colors of Cat Candles

Green – Use the green for lucky, money-drawing spells and gambling charms. Please be responsible; never gamble with money you don’t really have. Seek help if you have an addiction issue with it.

If you work with La Santisima Muerte, green is what you use for legal matters. This is usually for spell petitions asking for someone’s release from prison.

Red – Red is for passion. Passion means intense emotions, such as war, love, romance, etc. You may use red to represent a deep drive toward a cause and for protection. Red is the best color for any spells to increase sex drive, lust workings.

Dress with Lust Oil or something similar. Pink is for sweeter forms of love; red is more romantic love. Red is the color of Mars, the Lord of War. He also presides over primal desire and impulsivity.

Black – Black repels things and shields you. Use black cats for curses, binding spells, protection workings and ending things. Saturn’s color is Black.

White – the typical purpose of the white cat is cleansing, uncrossing, casting off bad luck. When there’s a problem, dress the white cat with Van Van Oil. for general cleansing and removing


Purchase Note

Some variations may occur in the size and appearance, because of them coming from different suppliers. All the cat candles will have this same, basic shape and appearance but may not look exactly like the ones in the pictures.

Sold as a curio only

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 7 in

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