Camphorated Liniment


Camphorated Liniment is a soothing blend of essential oils… a liquid bliss, that eases sore muscles and calms the nerves.

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Camphorated Liniment is a soothing blend of essential oils and it eases those sore muscles. It’s soothing, a liquid bliss… and it also calms the nerves, because of the essential oils. 

An alcohol base, this blend of Camphor, Lavender and other essential oils, evaporates quickly and leaves a cool, relaxed feeling. Your skin feels fresh and it leaves no sticky residue. Get relief for the pain and get it without the goop.

Softer, gentler than Tiger Balm or Bengay, Camphorated Liniment pulls the tension out and relaxs you in the process.

Many people hate the burning sensation of over the counter products and feel they’re too strong. You’ll love Camphorated Liniment, because it’s only half the heat of those and yet, the same amount of relief!

Strong enough to do the job and gentle enough to relax you. The harsh chemicals of  those store brands make you want to jump out of your own skin!


The Recipe

The formula is my own take on an old, traditional recipe.

The original formula is just  rubbing alcohol, Camphor and Lavender. Many workers put a tiny touch of ammonia and I don’t, I leave that out. Unless, that is, it’s for someone with a specific, spirale problem. Ammonia is too strong for regular use and it’s only for when serious cleansing work is necessary. If you need some added into your bottle, let me know when you order and I will add it. 

What my recipe has instead is a mixture of four, additional essential oils. Each one has a reputation for warming sore muscles and calming them down.  

That makes a total of seven healing agents and seven is a Holy number.

They’re in an alcohol base, which preserves everything nicely but also tightens the skin and provides a cooling feeling. Contrast the heat of the essential oils with the cooling alcohol and you understand how it works! 

Soothing, medicinal value, combining with the loving touch of someone special massaging it into you. It takes the hurt away and it puts the healing in!

Available in two sizes: 8 oz spray bottle  for $8.50 or 4 oz spray bottle for $4.50


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