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Burdock Root


Burdock root is used as an ingredient in many protection works. Burdock can be spread around the home to ward off negativity. 


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Burdock Root

Arctium lappa 

Size: 1 ounce

Gender: Masculine 

Planet: Saturn 

Element: Water

Some Folk Names: Beggar’s Buttons, Clotbur, Hardock, Burrseed, Cockleburr, Happy Major.

Uses for Burdock Root

Protection, healing and uncrossing are all part of Burdock Root’s powers. Use it as an ingredient in your protection works and it prevents less scrupulous workers from putting roots on you… meaning curses.

Burdock is often spread around the home to ward off negative energies. Said to boost the male sex drive, root doctors use it to restore a man’s nature, meaning bring back his sexual vitality.

Brew Burdock Root into a tea and drink or cleanse one’s home or to bathe in it for spiritual purposes.

Note: several sources point to this plant Spirit as an alignment with Venus.

perhaps there’s crossover between Planets but it boils down to where it produces useful results.

Some substances have healthy doses of more than one. Try using Burdock Root in Venus works and note the results. Then, try it in Saturn works and note the results.

Both Greer and Cunningham list it as Venus but the spells they cite are all works of protection, which is more Saturn territory. 

Yronwode skips Planetary correspondence but lists spells for Burdock Root which are protective and cleansing.

One spell is to “restore a man’s nature”, which means to cure impotency. That might be seen as Venus, however… if the impotency results from a curse, then, no. Because it‘s Saturn, squashing the curse, to restore his nature. 

Plus, the folk names for Burdock are more saturnine than venusian. Only one name sounds Venus-y to me… which is, Happy Major.

Certified Organic

Use organic ingredients in your conjure operations and your work is purer, closer to nature. You won’t deal with hazardous pesticides or toxic fertilizers.

Herbs, roots, resins and other, magica materia available at Conjure Work meet all your spell work needs and many are great for homeopathic medicines and general cooking! 

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Sold as a curio only.

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