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Boss Fix Oil

Not everyone has the good fortune of working for great people. In the past, I had to work some pretty terrible jobs under some awful bosses. I’ve also had the opportunity to work for wonderful people, so I know the difference. Since I’m a big fan of fair treatment for all, and because I’m not a fan of people who abuse their authority, I’m happy to present this sorcery tool.

“Why Don’t You Just Quit?”

Well, why don’t you check your privilege?

Many people cannot quit their jobs for various reasons. For some, the job market is too tough in their area. For others, they are lacking something that would allow them to do it, perhaps a vehicle or the support of a partner. Maybe even a brief interruption of income could be disastrous.

Maybe their present job sucks, but it does allow them to have affordable childcare services, whereas a different job would not. Perhaps another job would not have critical health insurance. The list of possible reasons for needing to stay put is long.

First Step Fixes

Maybe everything is great about the job, except that the boss is not seeing your potential. Sometimes, the employer isn’t a jerk; they’re just not taking enough time to consider you for a raise or promotion.

You should, of course, first make sure that you are doing your very best work. Also, make certain you are clearly, politely, and assertively advocating for yourself. First, try writing out all the reasons why you will be a valuable asset for the company, why you are perfect for that new position. Run it by a trusted friend who will give you honest feedback.

Consider the possibility that your employer wants to give you a raise or promotion, but can’t. Never use this oil on someone above you who does not have the final say in whether or not you move up.

Sometimes, especially with small businesses, there is simply no money available to give anyone a raise. Don’t assume you should be getting a raise when your boss literally cannot give you one.

If you have the right resume, the right attitude, the job skills, and the communication skills to explain why they should promote you, but you are not getting there, consider two more possibilities:


Sometimes, you just need to be patient. It could be that you haven’t been at your company long enough to be seriously considered for a raise or promotion.

It could also be that there are people “ahead of you.” Maybe some people are equally qualified, but they have more time on the job than you do. It would not be fair to cut in front of them in the line of succession. If so, keep your head down and work hard; your time will come.

“No! Bad Boss!”

If you are not lacking job or communication skills, on-the-job experience, or similar requirements, you could have a bad boss.

Sometimes you know  you have one. Perhaps they are overtly racist, misogynistic, or possibly even misandrist.

Maybe your employer is none of these things. Maybe they aren’t really all that bad compared to many bosses. But they could have a nasty habit of only promoting their friends or their family members (known as nepotism).

If so, you are not likely to receive fair treatment unless you stand up for yourself and do something about it. With people who engage in the unfair practice of nepotism, any direct approach will backfire. They may pretend to hear your concerns, but they’ll immediately begin plotting an excuse to fire you for some “legitimate” reason that is manufactured.

Boss Fix Spells

Once you are sure that the only way you can get ahead is by thinking outside the box, here’s how it works.

Typically, Hoodoo-style sorcery relies on these:

Powders – Boss Fix Powder is coming soon 

Incense – Boss Fix Incense is coming soon 

Candles – There are plenty of ways to incorporate candles without the need for a Boss Fix Candle. A specific candle is a perfectly viable option but not strictly necessary.

Bath Mixes (sometimes), and… last but not least,


Some kinds of sorcery oils are useful in all the various methods of deployment. But other types of oils, you don’t want to use in certain ways.

For example, you can use Blessing Oil on yourself or friends and family (anointing). You can dress candles with it and dress objects. You may also use it to feed a mojo hand. There aren’t many things you should not do with it.

On the other hand, Boss Fix Oil is not for use on yourself. Others may design their formulas for self-anointing, but I do not.

Boss Fix Oil will not harm your boss in any way. Its method of action is to unconsciously impel, compel, or coerce them into doing the right thing.

This is why it’s important to first take the time to go through the first steps we talk about at the top of the page. Nevermind karma. Whether karma is real or not, you have to live with yourself, and that’s difficult to do when you know you are being a crappy person. You also can anger the spirits you work with (depending on which ones).

So, be the best employee you can possibly be. Only use this oil if your employer is unfairly holding you back.

Boss Fix Name-Paper

An easy Hoodoo spell is the Name-Paper.

Take a piece of plain, brown paper (a grocery sack is best), then neatly fold and tear it into a square.

Write your boss’s full name (preferably in cursive) 9 times on the paper like this:






Then, rotate the paper ninety degrees. I think that rotating it to the left is best, but do what you feel is appropriate.

Focusing on your desire to move up at work, along with all the reasons why you deserve the opportunity, write your name (again, in cursive) over the top of the boss’s name.

Yes, it’s going to look messy; that’s okay.

Next, dress the name-paper with Boss Fix Oil, using a Five-Spot pattern, as you see on dice:

          .         .


          .         .

If you prefer, you can smear a line of oil over each line of the boss’s name, instead. Either way, write your name over theirs before dressing with the oil. Once the oil is on the paper, you won’t be able to write anything else on it with a pen.

Briefly speak or “breathe” your intention onto the paper, and then lay it on your altar. Call on any spirits or ancestors you work with to bless the work, if you choose.


Elemental Fire is crucial to manifesting results.

Use a brown (or white, if you don’t have one) candle to empower the name-paper. Dress the candle with Boss Fix Oil, working from the top down to the base; you start at the wick.

Say your prayers (if any), and light the candle over the name paper. Your candle needs to be in a stable candle holder, sitting on your altar, out of the reach of children and pets.

It’s okay for the wax to drip onto the paper; it’s a good thing when this occurs.

After the candle burns out, take the name-paper and fold it three times, moving away from you because you are removing an obstacle.

Next, place the folded name-paper into a pair of shoes that you will wear at work. Leave it there until your work is complete, and all details are finalized.

Other Fix Methods

You can use the oil to dress places and things in the office that your boss will interact with, but you have to be extremely careful with this approach. You can’t afford to be seen doing this, and it’s easy to use too much oil, leaving a greasy residue that is easy to detect.

I do not recommend this approach.

The name-paper method is more than enough in most cases. Only resort to the more direct contact methods of weeks or months have passed, and no results are apparent.

Also, use the waiting time to continue learning your job, communication skills, and to become the best possible employee.

If you have a performance review at work, pay special attention to any feedback your boss gives you. Work on these issues. That way, if you need to continue spell work, you will have 100% confidence in the justification for your spells.



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