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Blessing Powder is a standard Hoodoo formula of three ingredients, usually Frankincense, Rose and Myrrh or Benzoin.

Use it to draw in positive energy and blessings. This powder spreads general blessings, by putting it on your person, in mojo bags, etc. Sprinkle it about the home and make a line across doorways and windowsills.

To add in the “fifth Element” of Spirit, says prayers while distributing the powder and charge it in your hand. My favorite method of using powders is to “blow” them and this is discussed in detail on the Free Magick Lessons page.

Bless This House

Take a simple white candle, dress it with Blessing Oil and roll it in Blessing Powder. Read the 23rd Psalm and set the candle in the center of the home or on the mantle over the fireplace. The kitchen table is a good spot and the dining room table works well as a focal point, too.

Parents, speak a prayer of blessing over a pinch of this and sprinkle it into your children’s shoes.

After vacuuming, spreading the powder over carpet helps to bless and it acts as a freshener.

The blend combines the solar energy of Frankincense and the Venusian blessing of Rose. The Myrrh (or the Benzoin) acts as a stabilizing force and helps anchor the positivity. 

Use it to lightly sprinkle magickal tools or talismans when you consecrate them.

See the article How To Use Magickal Powders on the Free Magick Lessons page.

The secrets to working with these powders and manifesting your intentions lay inside these pages.

Do not ingest. For external use only.


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