Blessing Oil


Blessing Oil is a traditional, Hoodoo formula, for positive energy, consecration of magickal tools and bringing good fortune. Good for any sort of positive work and helps out any spells designed for blessings.

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Blessing Oil

Blessing Oil is a traditional, Hoodoo formula for any sort of positive energy, consecration of tools and good fortune. The ingredients are Rose, Frankincense and Benzoin. It’s a traditional recipe that has been used for ages and root workers swear by it!

The easiest way to use it is to place your finger over the top of the bottle and get a little on the tip of your finger. Then make an equal-armed cross over any doorway or magickal tool or even anoint yourself with it. Anoint yourself or your children with Blessing Oil, by making the cross over the heart or on the forehead.

If you are a Christian, root worker, you might use a Calvary Cross instead. The equal-arm cross is a representation of the balance of the four Elements and it harmonizes the aura. Pagans can use it and invoke whoever their favorite, merciful Deity is. Christian sorcerers can call upon the Christ and invoke the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

See also, Holy Water and Blessed Salt.

Since some may have sensitive skin, especially children, be smart and test the tiniest little amount, first.

Be sure to see my article How To Use Magickal Oils on the Free Magick Lessons page.


Only The Finest Conjure Oils

Size: ½ oz bottle

Do not ingest. For external use only.

Conjure Work brand oils… for all your sorcery, witchcraft needs, made with only the finest ingredients and the difference is clear. The herbs, roots, resins are either organic or wild harvested and they’re far superior to most of what’s out there. Use these oils to enhance your spells and accelerate your success in your practice of the arcane arts. The oils are born during very good astrological elections (times) and that means the Spirits and the heavens have blessed them.

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