Blessing Incense - good fortune, tool consecration
Blessing Incense - for general good fortune, tool consecration; Hoodoo, sorcery, Witchcraft
Blessing Incense - for general good fortune, tool consecration; Hoodoo, sorcery, Witchcraft and Ceremonial Magick supplies

Blessing Incense


Blessing Incense – Seven Plant Spirits, like Rose, Frankincense, Myrrh and Benzoin. Draw positive energy. Smoke mojo bags, ritual tools, etc.The formula lines up with both traditional Hoodoo and the Seven Planets.

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Blessing Incense is a bit different from the Blessing Powder and the Blessing Oil. Each of those are a standard Hoodoo formula of three ingredients, usually Frankincense, Rose and Myrrh or Benzoin.

However, Blessing Incense is a seven ingredient formula. It has the same Frankincense, Myrrh and Rose. It also has Benzoin but it’s also got three more  pieces to the puzzle.

Those are my own, secret formula, although none of them would surprise any experienced rootworker or ceremonial magician. They’re all herbs, roots and resins that have an excellent reputation for drawing in blessings.

Using Blessing Incense 

All the Conjure Work brand incense formulas are old school, in the sense that I don’t add any Salt Peter to make them self-burning. You can add it yourself if you want (no more than 10% of the total mixture). However, I prefer to burn it on Three Kings Charcoal.

Self-burn incense is traditional and it’s certainly not wrong to do it that way. It’s just that burning it directly on a hot coal… well, that goes all the way back!

And no, older does not always mean better, I’m an eclectic, not a purist. But for me, the primal quality of lighting a coal and putting the mixture on top of it, it just doesn’t get any better. It really helps me to get my brain into the correct gear for spell work. Going where time is meaningless and all space is connected, this is  what kicks good magick into great magick.

I only sell Three Kings Charcoal because it’s the best I know of in its price range. Anything better is three or four times as expensive. 

Use Blessing Incense to draw in positive energy and general good fortune. Use it to suffumigate (smoke or cense) your mojo bags, ritual tools, etc. Burn it in the home, to bless your place of dwelling.

To add in the “fifth Element” of Spirit, says prayers while burning this incense. More techniques are discussed in detail on the Free Magick Lessons page.

Bless This House

Take a simple white candle, dress it with Blessing Oil and roll it in Blessing Powder. Read the 23rd Psalm or any other, suitable prayer, verse or spell.

Yes, this is perfectly suitable for any magickal path, Christian, Pagan or anything else. “All roads lead to Rome”, as they say and the Plant Spirits in this blend don’t care which Deities you work with.

Set the candle in the center of the home or on the mantle over the fireplace. The kitchen table is a good spot and the dining room table works well as a focal point, too. Whichever spot serves as the power center in your home is the one you should use.

Bless This Child

Parents, speak a prayer of blessing over a pinch of Blessing Powder and sprinkle it into your children’s shoes. Pass the smoke of the incense over their heads (as if it was water), seven times, while praying for them. Let them hear your prayers. Too many children grow up never actually hearing how loved they are. 

This combines the Solar energy of Frankincense and the Venusian power of Rose. The Myrrh (or the Benzoin) acts as a stabilizing force and helps anchor the positivity.

The Powers That Be

There’s one ingredient in this formula for each of the Seven, Planetary Powers. Additionally, it matches up perfectly with the traditional materia magica for blessing work in Southern style Hoodoo. 

Any blessing work is most effective when you’re certain that no cross conditions are present. See the articles on the Free Magick Lessons page for more explanation of what that means.

Not Sure?

If you’re unsure of whether there’s any possibility of crossed conditions, you might want to schedule a Tarot Reading or better yet, a Conjure Coaching session. In a Conjure Coaching session, we get into all the different angles of your situation; it’s all-encompassing.

We look at everything that needs looking at. Whether it’s your astrology, a tarot, geomancy or other type of reading, we get you what you need. We identify problems, find solutions and set goals for you, with targeted follow up. You also get suggestions for any spell work you might need to do.

Green Light

Once you’re sure there are no cross-conditions (there usually aren’t… but sometimes…), blessing work is a no brainer. It never interferes with any other, specific type of spells you’re working on, such as prosperity, love or health.

Blessing spells are general-purpose goodness and they simply round out whatever else you’re doing. Because they’re so “big picture”, the results are not always as obvious but if things are going well, that’s plenty good enough.


Do not ingest. For external use only.

Sold as a curio only

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