Blackberry Leaf


Blackberry Leaf – Rubus fruticosus

Gender: Feminine, Planet: Venus, Element: Water. Blackberry Leaf is used in spells for wealth and is sacred to the Goddess Brigit, who rules over poetry, healing and smithing.

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Blackberry Leaf

Rubus fruticosus

Planet: Venus

Element: Water

Gender: Feminine


Uses for Blackberry Leaf

An herb of Venus, to use in your spells for wealth and other, venusian matters of life. Sacred to the Goddess Brigit, who rules over poetry, healing and smithing, put a bit of Blackberry Leaf in your cauldron or offering dish on Her altar.

Blackberry pies are traditional for some Pagans on the High Day of Lughnasadh, August 2nd. Blackberry Leaf is said to heal certain illnesses and various healing spells are found in old grimoires. For wealth and love, the vines that the berries grown on are auspicious to have growing outside the home.


Certified Organic

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