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Better Business Incense


Better Business Incense

Are you self-employed? Got a home-based business or a brick and mortar, retail shop? Perhaps you own a factory or you provide a service of some sort. Let’s grow it!

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Better Business Incense

Are you self-employed? Got a home-based business or a brick and mortar, retail shop? Perhaps you own a factory or you provide a service of some sort. Chances are, you’d like to make more net revenue. How does one enchant for such things. Well, in Hoodoo there are a lot of spells for drawing business to a store or any other type of business. More specifically, there are lots of fun products for making that happen! That’s where Better Business comes in.

Size: 60 mL glass bottle

These days, it’s difficult to get by on the average job. Unless you make more than 50k a year, odds are, you have some sort of sideline business, to help you make ends meet. You probably need every last customer you can get and you want to keep them happy and coming back for more. I know that’s what I aim for. In this interest of helping myself, I’m expanding my product line. In the interest of helping you, my customers with your own businesses, I am churning up more practical products, stuff that will assist you in the real world. So, I present to you, Better Business Incense.

Light Up Your Sales

Burn this when the Moon is waxing and favorably aspecting one of the Benefics (Venus or Jupiter). Mercury is the ruler of commerce, so He’s good, too. Say a prayer to the Planetary Deity or your God/dess for new customers or clients, better sales and overall business performance. Try taking a green Mojo Bag and filling it with seven, money drawing herbs and/or roots and your business card. Some suggestions: Sassafras, seven Allspice Berries, CinnamonBlue Flag Root and a Lodestone.

Certainly, you’ll want to add a pinch of the Better Business Powder. Then you can suffumigate (smoke) it with the Better Business Incense. Use Better Business Oil to feed your Mojo Hand, once per week, no more than once a day. Have your business card on your altar, dressed with the oil and use green candles or gold candles, also dressed with the oil.

Make a small, equal arm cross with the oil, over the inside part of the front door of your business. Be aware that the mineral oil base can wear away at paint. If you cannot use the wall, there are alternatives. Many people like to frame the first dollar they make in their new business. You may want to dress that, perhaps on the backside of the frame.

About once a week, typically a Friday morning, you should sweep and mop your business, normally. Work back to front, to rid the dirt and negativity. Then, brew up some Better Business Bath Mix and use it as a floor wash. Start at the front door and work to the back, to draw in blessings. You can still do this, even if you work from home. As you mop, recite an appropriate Psalm or pray to whichever Deity you work with, asking for better business sales.

Help The Magick Help You

Also, consider whether or not you or your business might need to uncross. Chances are, you are not crossed up, nor is your business. We don’t need crossings to explain the poor economy and people hurting for money; that’s the situation we find ourselves in. See me for a reading if you’re unsure about whether any cleansing work is necessary. A Fiery Wall of Protection spell will help protect and prevent future problems. A little Clarity work will help you strategize about the best way to clean up the mess.

Sugary Sweetness

Dipping from the Hoodoo sugar bowl, I’ve compiled a thirteen ingredient formula for boosting business. This incense sweetens others to you and toward your business, thereby increasing the likelihood they’ll use your products and/or services. Obviously, that won’t happen, all by itself. You must do the work of making your goods and services as outstanding as possible. You know, advertise, have a pleasant personality, location, location, location and all that.

This type of spell work is what you use to get you the extra something special to push the odds in your favor. But the intrepid business owner will be constantly researching, learning, networking. You’ll need to search for every opportunity to get better at being a business owner. That’s how you help the magick help you.Not sure what steps to take next to grow your business? See me for a Conjure Coaching session!

This incense smells woody, earthy. It’s got the sweet, alluring scent of Cinnamon and Allspice. I describe the scent as a campfire that is made up of sweet smelling woods, like Palo Santo. It’s all the right ingredients for drawing the growth that you desire.


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