Better Business Bath Mix


Better Business Bath Mix is a ritual bath mix to attract new and better customers, clients and sales.

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Better Business Bath Mix

Are you self-employed? Got a home-based business or a brick and mortar, retail shop? Perhaps you own a factory or you provide a service of some sort. Chances are, you’d like to make more net revenue. How does one enchant for such things. Well, in Hoodoo there are a lot of spells for drawing business to a store or any other type of business. More specifically, there are lots of fun products for making that happen! In conjunction with taking this bath, you say prayers. There are wonderful Psalms you can choose from. For this type of work, you want to use the Better Business Bath Card, in the Bath Cards section.

Floor Wash

Also, use these bath mixes as a floor wash, another Hoodoo type of working. Floor washes set the energy in a home to the way you want. You just boil some water, add this mixture into it and steep it like a tea. Add it to your mop water and mop your floors. Go from the front door to the back to draw in an energy or from the back of the house to the front, to send it away. For Better Business work, you definitely want to go front to back. As you mop, pray aloud and focus on your new success and all the steps you will take to achieve it. Visualize the typical obstacles that will inevitably arise and then see yourself taking the necessary steps to get past them.

Wash Yourself, Wash Your Floor

In Hoodoo culture, the concept of “cleanliness is next to Godliness” is serious business. So, you’re gonna want to use this mixture for both baths and as a floor wash. Clean yourself, clean your business. Get clean, then get profitable. Obviously, you’ll need several packets, because you want to do the floor wash at least once a month, if not once a week. Most workers do this on a Friday morning. It’s the Day of Venus and the day most of your customers get paid. But you might choose instead to use an astrological timing method… that’s what I do. And don’t neglect to sweep and mop your front steps! These are symbolically important! You even do the portion of sidewalk that extends along your business (or house, if you’re a home business).

You want to do either one Better Business Bath Mix or a series of three or seven. Those are the prosperity numbers. You can do thirteen, if you’re making a major expansion of some sort or if you’re saving a business from collapse. Still, seven is the ideal number.

These days, it’s difficult to get by on the average job. Unless you make more than 50k a year, odds are, you have some sort of sideline business, to help you make ends meet. You probably need every last customer you can get and you want to keep them happy and coming back for more. I know that’s what I aim for. In this interest of helping myself, I’m expanding my product line. In the interest of helping you, my customers with your own businesses, I am churning up more practical products, stuff that will assist you in the real world. So, I offer you, Better Business Bath Mix or Floor Wash.

Light Up Your Sales

This bath mix is a thirteen ingredient blend and I mix it with Epsom Salt that I infuse with essential oils. I use only real essential oils (no synthetics) and I use the good stuff! For this one, the essential oils that I add are ingredients that are already in the basic mixture but adding several droppers of the oil makes it way better. It causes the whole bathtub to come alive with the scent. I use real Vetiver Oil (which isn’t cheap!), real, True Cinnamon, Ginger and other wonderful stuff.

Take your bath or wash your floors when the Moon is waxing and favorably aspecting one of the Benefics (Venus or Jupiter). Mercury is the ruler of commerce, so He’s good, too. Say a prayer to the Planetary Deity or your God/dess for new customers or clients, better sales and overall business performance.

Adapt and augment your work by taking a green Mojo Bag and filling it with seven, money drawing herbs and/or roots and your business card. You put Better Business Powder into it and feed it with the Better Business Oil. Dress green or gold candles with the oil and perhaps roll them in the Better Business Powder or the Better Business Incense.

See the article How To Take A Ritual Bath, on the Free Magick Lessons page.

Don’t Forget the Drawstring Tea Bags, to make your bath experience cleaner. And the Better Business Bath Card can make your bath far better and more powerful.

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