Bearing Torches

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Bearing Torches

used book, good condition 

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Bearing Torches

A Devotional Anthology for Hekate

Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Used book, good condition 

Hekate is, without question, one of the most popular goddesses in the world today, worshiped by Hellenic Recons, Wiccans, and Neo-pagans alike. Hekate has many roles and many guises.

To some she is a beautiful maiden, to others the dark mother. She has been called the guide of souls; the protector of the home; the giver of wealth; the mistress of powerful magic and frightful witches; the dweller on the threshold and the place where three roads meet.

These and other aspects of the goddess are explored in the pages of this unique book, which honors Hekate’s diversity by collecting a wide array of offerings from her modern-day devotees, including poetry, essays, short stories and accounts of personal experiences.


Whether you’ve worshiped Hekate for ages or are just now discovering the power of this awesome goddess, you will want to read Bearing Torches.

practitioners share personal accounts of discovering and working with the goddess of the crossroads.

About the Author

Bibliotheca Alexandrina is a series of books brought out by Neos Alexandria honoring the gods of Greece and Egypt.

200 pages

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