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Attraction Oil – a staple, Hoodoo formula for attracting love, money, anything you want!

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Attraction Oil – Attraction is a multi-purpose, Hoodoo-style recipe that you use to draw romance, sex, money, new customers, luck or anything you desire.

Name the thing you want and anoint yourself with this oil to draw it to you. Use Attraction Oil to dress candles, mojo bags and talismans.

Use this oil to dress candles and which color you use will depend on your desire. Red for passion, pink for romantic love, green for money and so on.

Attraction Oil Formula

Since this is a general purpose, “attract good things” formula, I use primarily the Planets Sol, Venus and Jupiter, as this covers most of the bases. The Sun covers wealth, fame, honors and so forth and Venus is the quintessential attraction energy. A little Jupiter to boost favors and prosperity and you’re all set.

I don’t reveal my recipes but I can tell you that it’s got Cinnamon and six other herbs, roots and resins, all with potent drawing power.

This oil gets a ritual consecration, during a very auspicious, astrological election.

Do not ingest. For external use only.

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