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Jimi Hendrix, natal (birth) report. A brief snippet. Astrology Reading, at Conjure Work
Jimi Hendrix, natal (birth) report. As you can see, it's 22 pages long, in his case. Astrology Reading, at Conjure Work

Astrology Reading

Natal Astrology – the interpretation of your Birth Chart

Current Transits – how the present positioning of the various planetary bodies is interacting with you and your own, natal chart. Understand the present areas of life, what might be easy and fruitful and which areas will likely be challenging.

Year Ahead means that we’ll do a forecast of the upcoming year for you.

Synastry is the comparing of the charts of two people, to see how compatible they will likely be, for romance, marriage, sex, business partnership, friendship, etc.

Electional Astrology is choosing the best possible time to launch a project, business, marriage, etc.

Basic pricing is $75 for a 60 minute reading, $110 for a 90 minute reading and so on. Some prices are specialized, you’ll see them in the drop down list, once you select your day and time.



On the calendar, select the date/time you want

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Astrology Reading, with Magus

astrology readings by Magus


  • Divination is the art and science of gaining insight through oracles. We will gather information about the past, present or future or the hidden influences in situations and in the intentions of people.

Natal Astrology Reading

Natal Astrology is the interpretation of your Birth Chart, which shows the influences that you were born under, the natural strengths you possess and the areas that you have difficulty in. Through a better understanding of these inborn factors, you can more effectively utilize your energies, knowing where to put your focus for the greatest return on investment.

Current Transits

We focus on knowing what type of “space weather” we’re currently experiencing and how it’s affecting you. The various planetary bodies are constantly changing positions and they interacting with your own, natal chart. This type of reading helps you to understand what the present is  and also what the future holds. We go over which areas of life easy and fruitful and we strategize for any challenges or setbacks.

The Year Ahead

This means we do a forecast of the upcoming year for you. We take a hard look at what the next twelve months are likely to bring. This helps to know what types of blessings fall easily from the sky and which need to be pried out with a crowbar. I point out where your efforts are best aimed to get you success.

Synastry Astrology

Synastry is the comparing of the charts of two people, to see how compatible they are, for romance, marriage, sex, business partnership or friendship. For this, I look at the charts of both parties and you need to provide the relevant birth info for each person.

Written Astrology Reports

Get a .pdf astrological report, roughly 15-25 pages in length. These are available for natal reports (birth charts) and for relationship/compatibility reports, between two people. These reports usually go for around $50 each, on the most popular astrology sites. Get yours here for just $35!

For two or more people, there’s an even better discount. This helps for families and for people in relationships, who want natal reports for each of them, as well as a compatibility report.

You do not need to schedule a reading with me, to order a report. To order, just check the written report option(s) you want.

Please allow as much as a week for your chart to arrive, via email. Usually, I get them out to people within 24-48 hours.

These computer-generated reports are a fantastic introduction to learning about your birth chart. They do have some drawbacks, as I discuss in my post, The Limits of Computer-Generated Charts. However, they are still, the best way to get started, without a doubt! Furthermore, they’re super convenient, because everything is written down and there’s no need to rely on memory. Additionally, you can refer back to your written report later, after you have a live reading and it will make even more sense!

Electional Astrology

An election is choosing the best possible times in the future to execute certain actions. Examples are going out of town for business, taking vacations or asking that special someone for a first date. Timing to launch that snazzy, new Etsy store of yours is an Electional issue. With this option, we do a Q&A about your plans and the possible dates. Then, I pour over the potential dates that would work for you and I do that mostly by myself. Once I have the date(s), we have another brief talk to see if one works for you and why I chose it.

We use your astrological consultation to go over any of these and more, depending on what you need most, right now. Click on a day and time in the calendar below and get your astrology reading set up.


astrology readings by Magus
astrology readings by Magus


Click on the date and select the type of astrology reading you need. The time slot and the prices show up for the various types of readings and the lengths of time for each.

Some prices are special, you find those in the drop down list, after you select your day and time.

If I’m booked up or just not available that day, then no times will show up; try clicking on a different day.

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