Allspice is said to draw in money and all manner of good luck and fortunate events. Whole berries or powdered. Certified Organic & Kosher

Pimenta officinalis




Allspice is known for its delicious taste in cooking and treasured for its inviting, electric energy. This Spirit draws good people to you and brings good situations, health and prosperity.

Pimenta officinalis or Pimenta dioica

Origin: Central America

Certified Organic & Kosher

Properties: Masculine, Mars, Fire

Uses for Allspice 

Whether you burn it 
as an incense or use in a floor wash, Allspice draws in money and good luck. All sorts of blessings come close, to the ALL spice. Happy synchronicities happen and fortunate events unfold.

The powder form of Allspice is quite handy when dressing a candle or making an incense. Dress a red candle with New Money Oil and roll it in Allspice Powder, to conjure love. 

Because of its association with Mars and Fire, Allspice may helps in works of attraction and  sex. Some call it a healing Spirit and Mars rules over surgery, so try it for healing someone recovering from surgery. 

Allspice is more of a “sweetener” than it is a harsh, protective Spirit. In Hoodoo, sweeteners are the Spirits that bring positive feelings between people. Remember first, everything has a Spirit, even plants, minerals and animals, too.

Some examples of sweeteners are Sugar, Honey, Vanilla and the spicy Cinnamon.

Allspice might actually be a good addition for protective works… but only as an afterthought to other, stronger ingredients, such as Basil, Dragon’s Blood resin, Rue, Bay Laurel, Angelica Root, etc.  

Size: 1 ounce 

Sold as a curio only

Certified Organic

Using organic ingredients in your conjure operations makes your work purer, closer to the Earth. No dealing with hazardous pesticides or toxic fertilizers and that means happier Spirits!

The herbs, roots, resins and other, magica materia available here at Conjure Work are great for your spell work. Many items also make excellent homeopathic medicines and they’re awesome for cooking with!

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