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A wonderful way to capture the energy of Elemental Air, The Element Series brings you a powder for the realm of Yetzirah. This powder’s nature might be grasped as Air of Earth .

Elemental Air rules over the conscious mind, conceptual thinking and logical reasoning, ordered processes, as opposed to instinctual ones.

Qabalistically, it the realm of Yetzirah, the astral plane and the sphere of Luna.

Powders are used in Hoodoo for dusting items, people, poppets, places, etc. They can also be used to draw sigils, veves, etc.

A finely ground blend of Lavender, Elecampane Root and other, airy substances, this powder might be laid in a ring around your study candle. Or perhaps dusted on your chair, while trying to write that big paper.

If you are seeking to work with the Sylphs (Elemental Spirits), Air deities or Air familiars, then this powder will be an excellent tool in your kit.

See the article about how to use magickal powders, on the Free Magick Lessons page.

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