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Jupiter, Fire, Cancer, Masculine – Agrimony is a powerful dispeller of evil. It is Jovial (of the planet Jupiter) in nature. 

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Agrimonia eupatoria

Certified Organic

Jupiter, Fire, Cancer, Masculine

Agrimony is a powerful dispeller of evil. It’s Jovial (of the planet Jupiter) in nature and it finds deployment in scads of different spells. Make it into a tea and use in bath mixes. Putting Agrimony in your floor washes boosts them and it makes excellent, magickal potions.

Burn Agrimony to protect against evil Spirits. Magicians use it as a ceremonial, line of defense and it functions as an uncrossing herb, too.


By Jove!

Agrimony is very much akin to the positive energy of Jupiter but it’s not afraid to kick ass. It’s an exorcism herb, par excellence but it’s got the Jupiter happy. So, it casts out demons and replaces them with joy.

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Certified Organic

Using organic ingredients in your conjure operations makes your work is purer and brings it closer to nature. No dealing with hazardous pesticides and no toxic fertilizers. The Spirits appreciate you treating them with respect and they like it when you serve them the best.

These herbs, roots and resins and other, magica materia at Conjure Work are all either organic or wild-harvest. They’re great for all your spell work needs and many are natural, for homeopathic medicines. Many are edible and spice your cooking!

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