Abre Camino Herb


Abre Camino Herb

“Road Opener” or Boneset Herb

For “opening the way” of new opportunities

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Abre Camino Herb

Road Opener” aka Boneset Herb

Eupatorium perfoliatum

Other Names: Road Opener, Agueweed, Crosswort, Feverwort, Indian Sage, Sweating Plant, Teasel, Thoroughwort, Wood Boneset

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Saturn

Element: Water

Magical Uses: Protection, exorcism, removing blockages, obstacles, curses, etc. Rootworkers and Santeros say that Abre Camino wards off evil spirits and “opens the way.”

Sprinkle an infusion (brewed tea) around the home to drive off evil spirits and jinxes.

The name “Abre Camino”  means “open way.” This materia magica removes spiritual roadblocks from a person’s life, clearing blockages, and opening doors. A key ingredient in Road Opener Oil, Boneset, aka Abre Camino makes opportunities available where we had none before. When the practitioner is stuck, this herb is useful for pushing ahead, forging new paths.

Abre Camino
differs from Uncrossing products in that when a person is crossed up, they experience bad luck. Road Opener products deal with those situations in which we are not going through lousy luck but are not reaping any good luck.

If you feel as though you are “spinning your wheels,” Abre Camino is a logical next step. It’s reputation is that of a Plant Spirit who grants open roads and new opportunities. 

I’m in the process of making a Road Opener Oil that will contain Boneset and other “opener” spirits. In the meantime, a simple ritual bath in an infusion (tea) of Abre Camino will begin the process of tearing down the roadblocks that stand in the way.

Simple Road Opener Spell

Inscribe your full name into a white candle. Work from the wick down to the base of the candle in a spiral fashion.

Dress the candle with Road Opener Oil (coming soon) or Blessing Oil. Again, start at the top (wick end) and work toward the bottom. Next, roll the candle in Abre Camino herb, and place it in a sturdy candleholder.

If you have an old key (a “skeleton key” is ideal) dress it with the oil and set it at the base of the candle.

A “winged key” charm is also useful. Even a crude drawing of a winged key can work. Dress your charm with oil and carry it to job interviews, auditions, or important meetings.

First go through any Uncrossing procedures, if necessary. Follow up with Abre Camino and Van Van Oil, to clear away old conditions and open your roads. Consider using Chinese Wash to clean your home, as well.

The Abre Camino plant is a small, woody shrub with pink flowers. It thrives in hot territories, such as Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean.

The Unexpected

Realize that some blockages are mental, while others are physical, emotional, or spiritual. You need to remain open to whatever thoughts, feelings, ideas, or epiphanies arise from your work. Having a definite set-in-stone expectation of the outcome will restrict and possibly sabotage your results.

Say, for example, you take a bath in an Abre Camino infusion and say your prayers. The thought pops into your head that you are not getting ahead with your career (or whatever life area you’re working on) because you are not friendly, or perhaps you become aware that you are not “dressing for success.”

Don’t dismiss these intuitions haphazardly. Spellwork results are usually a simple redirection of energy, but can yield impressive results for the intrepid worker who listens to the spirits.

Those who expect new opportunities to suddenly flood in (without making any changes to their habits, approach, or personality) are likely to meet with disappointment. Yes, such windfalls and bizarre, positive turns of fortune can occur, but they are not the norm.

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