Chime Candles


4 inch tall, spell candles, also known as “chime” candles


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Chime Candles – for spell work and daily offerings 

Lots of color choices!

These are great paraffin wax candles, suitable for all your ritual needs. Use these to make offerings of Elemental Fire to your Spiritual Court and jump start your spells.

Four inches tall, these chime candles are ideal for both ritual work and offerings.

The color you need depends on what kind of spell you’re doing or which Deity/Spirit you working with.

Color choices vary from system to system. In Hoodoo and Wicca, the color for money is green and devotees of La Santa Muerte use gold.

In Ceremonial Magick, you use yellow (or gold) for the Sun, blue for Jupiter or green for Venus.

The best bet is to just have several of each on hand, for whatever need arises.

Some prefer to section off their candles with a stick pin or a knife, dividing them into sections of 3, 7, or 9. You burn one section per day.

See also, Skull Candles, 6” Ritual Candles and 12” Ritual Candles.

They burn fairly straight down, as long as no air drafts hit them. Drafts come from open doors, windows or HVAC vents. This affects the way the flame points and that may cause an uneven burn. An uneven burn throws off any standard burn time.

Candle Safety

Please remember to exercise fire safety at all times. Keep all children, animals and flammable items away from lit candles.

If you have to leave, use a candle snuffer but don’t blow them out! Simply say “I pause this work” as you extinguish the flame. When you return, relight it and say “I continue this work”.

Dress your candles with Conjure Work brand conjure oils and powders, for greater effect.

You’ll also want to get the crimp-able, star candle holders, which adjust to fit these four inch candles, as well as the Six Inch Candles and the 12″ taper candles.

See the Free Magick Lessons page for more about how to use conjure supplies. Also, consider the Nascent Magician correspondence course, for complete training in the arts.

These six inch candles can of course be used for mood lighting as well and they make a great addition to any emergency kit for those times when the lights go out, due to storms and power outages.

Sold as a curio only 


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