Staple Items

Staple Items

The basic food groups, all the little things you need to make that spell happen… charcoal, Holy Water, candle holders. You know, witch stuff.

Every practitioner will forever collect a wide array of items to help them execute their craft. Some of these are essential but others are personal statements about the type of work you do. Essentially, they put a stamp on the face of your individual brand of magick.

The simple fact that you get your supplies from Conjure Work says you don’t cut any corners. The intrepid Witch doesn’t cut corners, she rounds them. The masterful magician does not settle for inferior products, just to obtain bargain prices. Instead, he seeks out only the finest and accepts no substitutes.

once you set your sights on a magickal intention, it becomes evident that you need certain items. These things allow the caster to execute spells, bits of gris gris, thereby giving an edge over a situation.

Find your odds and ends and finishing touches here, on the staple items aisle of the Conjure Shop. 


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