Special Items

Special Items 

What do the practicing Ceremonial Magician, the Pagan Witch and the Hoodoo, Rootworker have in common? They all have lots of odd, curios, strange things that don’t quite fit into neat categories.

Boxes and trunks of talismans and special tools, robes and bells and weird, unidentifiable things. Come rummage through the witch’s junk drawer.

Here is the hidden corner of secret talismans and amulets, special roots, lodestones and Mojo Bags. There’s liniments and items to honor your ancestors and additionally, there’s… dirt.



Yes, dirt! In sorcery and Hoodoo, the earth taken from specific places is absolutely vital for the successful execution of conjure spells! Dirt from banks and churches, graveyards and police departments and more. In other words, rootworkers ain’t afraid to get their hands dirty!


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