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Conjure Coaching by Magus

Services at Conjure Work. Here you find Conjure Coaching, tarot reading, astrology reading, dice reading, bone reading, geomancy and more.

These days, everyone with a deck of tarot cards is an occult expert and offers readings. You want more than that and more importantly, you need more than that. Now, you’re in the right spot and eace piece of the puzzle is clicking into place.

I uniquely tailor my services to fit the needs of my Patrons. The work I do for you will assist in setting you back on your Path. For those who are already OK and just looking to take a leap forward, you do that here, too!

Bring your mind to attention, because it’s about to happen, smoothly and comfortably. Let’s look deep into our little crystal ball and see exactly how we move you along your first steps.


See the bio page to meet your new Conjure Coach, the one you work with, along your way down this path.

Magus utilizes his training as an initiate of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and continues to study with some of the brightest minds in magick today. Leaning on his experience, you get the most out of your own training and he guides your practice to the level you desire.

He is fully trained in Hoodoo and the art of sorcery. A graduate of the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Course, Magus is well versed in Hoodoo practices and southern style conjure.

Drawing from source materials like Jason Miller, Aaron Leitch, Stephen Skinner, Austin Coppock and Jake Stratton-Kent, Magus brings you to the table and will help you learn the ropes. It’s going to be a lot easier, once you have a new coach and once you know the way.

Now, Magus can guide you through the steps along your new path and help you get what you’re after. You’re stepping into the realm of trance and using NLP skills to climb each rung of the ladder and achieving your goals. It feels good to be taking action and getting rid of those old problems.

Step Into the Sorcerous Arts

Come learn to practice the sorcerous arts and gain the insights and benefits of Ceremonial Magick. Obtain the necessary skill sets and get into the game with your new magick course, The Nascent Magician.

Receive your instructions and fluidly develop all of the practical skills of a proper mage and start working your own magick. Learn to make mojo bags, charge talismans and courageously begin to perform your own spells and invocations.

Because you’re growing more excited and because you’re tired of the old way and ready to get started, of course you are feeling that need. It’s a nagging, festering desire for someone to point the way and to have a better sense of yourself.

Here, you get answers to help you through your spiritual crisis and bring you to higher levels.

Let’s get you some solid, practical advice and we’ll tackle that mundane problem you’re wrestling with. Stop putting off that thing and instead, grab hold of it, now. Today is the day that you started and know that once you begin, everything starts changing for the better.

You need a mix of all of it, the emotional, the spiritual and the mental and you are about to get it, here.

Regardless of what you’re after, the service you need is here and the time is here. The time is shifting from “then” to “now” and luckily, you are ready, shifting into high gear.

Bookmark this page and come back later, to take advantage of all that there is to find.


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