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Conjure Coaching by Magus at Conjure Work, sorcerous services and supplies
Conjure Coaching by Magus


This is where you will find Conjure Coaching, tarot reading, astrology reading, dice reading, bone reading, geomancy and more.

These days, everyone who has read a few books on the tarot and attended a few ritual gatherings is an expert and offers readings. See the bio page, Meet Magus to know who is offering these services.

Magus has been through the Outer Order of the Golden Dawn, as well as completing courses on Hoodoo and sorcery courses. If you want to study with him, he’s written his own magick course, The Nascent Magician.

Whether you need answers to help you through a spiritual crisis, or practical advice for tackling a mundane problem or a mix of both, the service you need is likely here. Bookmark the site so you can come back later to take advantage of all that’s offered here.

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