Powders used in conjure work are typically a base of talcum powder, corn starch, flour, etc. Various herbs, resins, roots, essential oils, etc, are mixed in.

Read How To Use Magick Powders on the Free Magick Lessons page. Powders are the most versatile form of magica materia (the ingredients for magick, such as roots, resins, herbs, oils, etc). There are far more ways to use powders than Oils or Incense.

Blowing, dusting, dressing candles, placing in mojo bags, these are just a few of the methods for using these highly adaptable substances. Try all of them and see what works best for you.

Clarity Powder is good sprinkled under your desk or around your workspace. You will either need permission, or you’ll at least need to be discreet.

Sprinkle Attraction Powder  in your shoes or around your home, while saying prayers.

For protection, use Fiery Wall of Protection Powder. Put Blessing Powder in the shoes of your children.

To draw into your home, I recommend you stand outside the front door and blow the powder across the threshold, to represent the wisdom or blessings “coming in” to the home.

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