Oils – Conjure Work brand  oil. These recipes are mostly original creations by Magus from Conjure Work. I base my formulas on careful research. Recipes stem from dozens of traditional sources.

The sources are the heavy hitters, such as, Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy. Timeless grimoires such as the Key of Solomon and the Picatrix get a careful comparison and contrast. I weigh carefully, each ingredient, ever asking myself what the formula is trying to accomplish and how. 

Furthermore, there are a few traditional formulas, from old books of Hoodoo and Witchcraft. As an example, take Blessing Oil. This is a simple, three-ingredient recipe that’s found all over the place in traditional Hoodoo source material. It’s an unpretentious blend but as delicious as the day is long.

The better texts of today find home in my work, as well. As a result, you get a blend of yesterday and ever-evolving now. Reliable recipes from centuries ago in Europe and the Middle East meet with current, cutting edge innovation.

I gather my ingredients and carefully blend them, with due reverence for the Plant Spirits. This only  occurs during astrologically auspicious times, which results in extra potency. This prideful care and attention is why Conjure Work oils are worth the extra money.

These oils are perfect for dressing your spell candles, as well as anointing yourself and others. Bless and consecrate your ritual tools and items.

There are oils here for drawing money, love, lust, protection and for working with the classical, magickal energies. Examples are Hekate, Helios, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus, the Sun and the Moon.


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