Naturals – Springing forth from Nature, Herself

These organic and wild-harvest resins and other burnables are excellent transmitters of your magickal intentions. 

In this category, you’ll find burnable resins, like Frankincense and Myrrh. You find naturally valuable materia magica like Sulfur, Asafoetida, Opoponax and more.

Additionally, items like Holy Water and White Sand (for use in incense censers) are here. The powerful roots of magick lay in a few, key ideas. To illustrate, one of these is the inherent Juju in substances that the Earth offers us to work with, like stones, herbs and roots.

For example, the Elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth are go-to conduits of energy for sorcery. Consequently, your magickal pipelines all open here.


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