Powerful incense blends for all your sorcerous needs. A few of these recipes are traditional, from timeless sources. I base my recipes and choose the ingredients from the magickal grimoires. These are the old books of sorcery from centuries ago in Europe and the Middle East.

Most of the recipes however, are original creations¬† by Magus from Conjure Work. I base the formulas on careful research, collecting recipes from dozens of sources. Then,¬†comparing and contrasting them, weighing what the formula is trying to accomplish. I always consider the question “Which parts of this formula are the most important?”.

Then, I gather the ingredients and carefully blend them with care and due reverence for the arts. For maximum benefit, I do so during astrologically auspicious times to the extent possible.

I consecrate the blends and show full respect for the Plant Spirits. All of this extra power and ritual is why Conjure Work worth paying a little more.

These incenses are designed to be burned on charcoal. They’re perfect for your spell workings, like drawing money, love, lust, protection and for working with the classical, magickal energies, like Hekate, Helios, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus, the Sun and Moon and more!


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