Candles – 12 inch, 6 inch, 4 inch chime candles. I also carry male, female, cross, devil, skull figural candles and more. Excellent quality working lights, for all your conjure spells. Whether you’re doing Theurgy or Thaumaturgy, Voodoo or Hoodoo, OTO, Wicca or Solomonic, there’s something here you can use.

Many colors: yellow, white, green, black, red, blue, light-blue, brown, pink, orange, gold, silver, gray, purple.

In the twelve inch taper section, there are a few 10” tapers. These are clearly labeled in the drop down menu.

with every type of candle, there are slight variations in size and burn times. I carry candles from a wide variety of manufacturers, so some are possibly a little larger or smaller than you might expect. This is normal and will cause no trouble to you in your use of them.

Candle Safety

Please remember to exercise fire safety at all times. Keep all children, animals and flammable items away from lit candles.

If you have to leave, use a candle snuffer but don’t blow them out! Simply say “I pause this work” as you extinguish the flame. When you return, relight it and say “I continue this work”.

Dress your candles with Conjure Work brand conjure oils and powders, for greater effect.

You’ll also want to get the crimp-able, star-shaped candle holders, which can be adjusted to fit the various sizes of candles.

See the Free Magick Lessons page for more about how to use conjure supplies. Also, consider the Nascent Magician correspondence course, for complete training in the arts.


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