Bath Mixes

Conjure Work brand bath mixes. These can be used for taking spiritual baths or you can use them Hoodoo floor washes. Be sure to see the article How To Take A Ritual Bath on the Free Magick Lessons page.

Banish negative energies and invoke positive blessings into your home or office. Be sure to grab up some drawstring bags to make using these simpler and faster.  The taking of spiritual baths and the ritual mopping of the floor is a time-honored tradition in many old forms of magick, including Pagan witchcraft, Hoodoo and Ceremonial Magick.

Typically these baths are taken before important spell workings or as part of a daily spiritual regimen for a given period of time. The practitioner may for example, undertake a series of nine, Uncrossing Baths, one per day, for nine days.

Another example would be to take an Attraction Bath for seven straight days or for seven Fridays in a row.

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