Graduate Students

Graduate Students

This page is only for Graduate Students. Graduate Students are taking The Nascent Magician course for full credit, to graduate.

Not sure how you got to this page but you want to take the course? 

You can purchase The Nascent Magician course, here:

 The Nascent Magician

Why is the Graduate Course more expensive?  

Because, Graduate Students get an additional package of 2 Conjure Coaching sessions, a $200 value

Graduate Students are required to utilize these Conjure Coaching sessions before graduation. It is recommended to use them early on in your studies. They are about overcoming the obstacles that prevent people from reaching their goals. So, don’t try to save them until you “need them”. You need them right away!

To graduate, you must:

  • satisfactorily complete all homework (for each lesson)
  • pass the written exam (for each lesson)
  • demonstrate practical knowledge
  • purchase all of the required materials (from Conjure Work)
  • use your Conjure Coaching credits

The curriculum for Graduate Students is more demanding, because it’s more rewarding to work toward a difficult thing. A diploma and proof that you did what others will not is a something that should be hard.

This program is only for those intrepid souls who want something to show that they got across the finish line. They deserve a marker that sets them apart from the crowd.

Ranking System

Graduate Students receive a student number and a rank. The rank reflects what lesson you last completed. Ranks are 1-12 and are named for the signs of the zodiac, beginning with Aries and ending with Pisces.

1 – Aries
2 – Taurus
3 – Gemini
4 – Cancer
5 – Leo
6 – Virgo
7 – Libra
8 – Scorpio
9 – Sagittarius
10 – Capricorn
11 – Aquarius
12 – Pisces

Completion of Each Phase

For example, a student who turns in the homework and receives full credit for lessons 1, 2 and 3, has the rank of Gemini. Once that student has completes Lesson 6, their rank becomes Virgo. And on it goes, until they complete the course.

Only those who attain and pass the level of Pisces, Lesson 12, receive a master diploma for the course.

You do however, receive a certificate for each lesson that you complete in full (test, homework, ritual, etc). I feel that this provides the student with some milestones to fuel further successes. Positive reinforcement is a thing I believe in.

Graduate Students must have:

  • access to the internet
  • access to a digital camera, to email pictures of homework to me
  • a webcam and Skype (or FaceTime), to take the tests (unless you live close enough to test in person)

Required Purchases

All Graduate Students consent to purchase a certain amount of supplies from the Conjure Shop, before graduation from the course.

No Exceptions.

I’ve put together a page for you guys, so you will always know what you need to get and where to find the list of supplies.

Click The Link:

Course Supplies

Take a moment and read that page, carefully. And I strongly suggest that you bookmark each page that relates to this course. There are only four pages, total. There’s the course description page and the “product” page (where you actually purchase the course.

These two pages are virtually identical, it’s just that the product page allows you to purchase the course. I had to do it that way for WordPress to make the site look the way I want it to.

Then, there’s this page, the one you’re reading now and the Course Supplies page. That’s it. Read those four pages and of course, your lessons, and you have all the information you need.

Make a bookmark folder in your web browser, just for The Nascent Magician and that will accomplish three, important things.

1) You’ll know right where to find the answers to your questions, no scratching your head and wondering.

2) That bookmark folder will glare at you, every time you open your bookmarks folder and this will remind you to do your homework 😉

3) It will save me a lot of time, answering questions about what students need to purchase for their work.


Tests are NOT open book.

Examples of things to expect on a practical test:

  • Demonstrate a particular ritual for me
  • Show how to make something, like a witch bottle for example
  • Demonstrate a procedure that’s taught in the lesson

 You only need 80% or better to pass a test

If for some reason you don’t pass a test, you can arrange to test again at a future time. Those who receive 90% or better on all tests will receive a special honors notice. It’s like the honor roll in school, for us, super nerdy, overachievers.

You schedule tests in advance, according to my availability. I will see to it that you get to test in a feasible time frame that works for both of us. If you live within one hour of me and you have transportation, then I expect you to make the effort to do in-person testing. Any exceptions to this, are at my discretion. An example is someone with a physical disability.

Take as long as you need to complete each lesson. If you have not progressed in six months (you have not turned in any homework or made an attempt at passing a test), you will be marked as INACTIVE.


If you have not made any progress within a period of two years from the date you purchased the course, I mark your record as FAIL.

If you should happen to fail a test, you may reschedule and take it again. There are no fees for taking a test the first time. However, I will give you a slightly more difficult test to take. This is to avoid anyone intentionally failing, just so they can see the test.

Should you fail any test twice, then to take it a third time, you will have to schedule another appointment for the test and pay a five dollar fee.

This is merely an incentive to get you to study and pass the first time! I have never actually had anyone fail a test, because I provide quality practice tests in the lessons.

Good Standing

Even though we are out of the dark ages, some people will have valid concerns about privacy. If you are one of these, you may use a pseudonym for this course. I do require your real name, email address and phone number for my records but you are not required to share your legal name with any other students, unless you want to.

Students who graduate will be allowed to check in with me from time to time and be noted as a student in good standing. What this means is you completed the curriculum and… I’m also aware of what you are up to magickally, in the present. If you are actively pursuing the Great Work, reading, studying, practicing, defining whatever your chosen path it, then you are still in good standing.

I don’t care what your particular path is. You could join a coven or start your own OTO camp. Some might become Buddhist monks or Catholic priests. Hell, I don’t care what you do, as long as it’s clear that you’re serious about it. You might remain a solitary practitioner but you continue practicing magick on a regular basis.


Just show me that you didn’t stop working after graduation. That might be as simple as showing me a few of the magick books you recently read, or telling me about your latest practice, maybe a spell you did, whether it kicked ass or it collapsed under its own weight. The gist of it is… what have you learned lately? Being a student in good standing gives you the added bonus of a little street cred, by being stamped A-OK, even years after you graduate.

Once you have completed the course, you will be able to tell others that you are a graduate of my course. Brag away! If they don’t believe you, then you can show them your diploma or tell them to ask me. I will gladly vouch for you (with your permission).

Escape Clause

If you start the Graduate Program and decide it’s not for you, you may opt out, at any time. However, nothing will be refunded.

Drop out of college, they don’t give you your money back. If you drop out of wizard school and you get to keep the lessons and the pointy hat… that’s it.

You may also start as a Survey Student and join the Graduate Program at a later time.

You can purchase The Nascent Magician course, here:

 The Nascent Magician