Course Supplies

Course Supplies

This page is about required Course Supplies.

It only pertains to Graduate Students.

Survey Students may ignore this page. 

Not sure how you got to this page but you want to take the course? 

You can purchase The Nascent Magician course, here:

Nascent Magician Certificate, a course by Magus at Kevin Trent Boswell
Nascent Magician, Master Certificate

 The Nascent Magician

Graduate Student Required Purchases:

Here is the list of what you’ll need to purchase.

You don’t need to get everything all at once! 

It’s perfectly okay to buy things, as you go along.

  • 3 or more Conjure Work magickal oils
  • 3 or more Conjure Work brand incenses
  • 3 or more Conjure Work brand powders
  • 3 or more Conjure Work brand bath mixes
  • 3 or more herbs or resins

All purchases must be from the: Conjure Work Conjure Shop

Please keep your receipts! 

Put them in your magickal diary and make sure you don’t lose them! I get busy and sometimes forget who got what and when. I want you to get full credit for your purchases!

Each item must be a Conjure Work brand item and it must come directly from me. Examples are Conjure Work products, like:

  • Fiery Wall of Protection Powder
  • King Solomon Wisdom Oil
  • Hekate Oil
  • Earth Powder
  • Court Case Oil
  • Clarity Powder


When you order your items for the course, tell me you’re a Graduate Student and that you are purchasing these items for Course Credit! I will note your name and I’ll credit your purchase in the database.

I might do that automatically but don’t count on it! Remind me when you make your purchase and double check, later that I did it! Just like you, I’m busy and I can forget, like everybody else, so help me make sure you get credit!

You might be fortunate enough to have an excellent relationship with an occult shop, right down the block from you. That’s great, I believe you should support your local business owners, especially your local conjure shop. However, I want my students to be using my materia magica.

I’m sure your local shop makes fantastic stuff but I’m running a business, over here. So, I insist you get your course supplies from me and I trust that you understand.

If you are financially invested in the process, you are far more likely to actually complete the assignments.

Spending your own funds on supplies gives a person some genuine incentive to use them. If you know your lesson credit is riding on it, you’re more likely to use them and do so, in the way the assignment describes.