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It’s Possible, Les Brown, Magus72 blog at Conjure Work

Some people I’ve talked to know that I’m a coach, yet they couldn’t quite wrap their heads around what that is, because of a lack of a frame of reference.

Everyone is familiar with what a sports coach is… they train you in how to be better at basketball, soccer, swimming or football. Unfortunately, most people are still not familiar with the idea of a personal coach.

I hesitate to say life coach, because that term has taken on a negative meaning, only because of negative people. Don’t they always find a way to take something wonderful and suck all the juice out of it? Well, ignore them and try this on for size.

We’re all playing a game that is far bigger than any season of lacrosse or polo or hockey. The season for your favorite sport will end. If you’re a professional athlete, even your entire sports career will end, one day. But your life will go on until you die.

The game of life is THE game and so why would we ever balk at the idea of having a personal coach, for the most intense, most important, longest, toughest game of all? Imagine if you will, some pompous schmuck, standing on the edge of a field, talking about how great his or her sports coach is and how important it is to have the right mentorship, then turning around and laughing at someone for having a personal coach to help them through the struggles of the real “big game”, the game of life. Just plain stupid, ain’t it?

I invite you to watch this entire video by one of the greats, Les Brown. At a later point in the video, he explains what a good coach does.

Les Brown – It’s Possible

Les Brown – It’s Possible

You may be thinking “That’s great but what can you help me with?” It might occur to you to say “But you’re not where you want to be yet. You’re not where I want to be yet, either”.

My response is that you’re right. But don’t quit reading just yet.

Consider this. The skills that I have learned as a coach and as a magician enabled me to hold on to my vision and keep moving, through the absolute roughest years of my entire life, even when things looked like there was no hope.

If you stop to think about it, then you’ll certainly admit that other people have fought their way back from much worse spots, troubles that were worse than anything either you or I have ever faced. Every truly exhilarating success story starts with some kind of personal horror, a tragedy of one sort or another. What makes the story great though, is that the protagonist simply will not quit.

Now, that… that, I do well! I just don’t quit. It’s not due to any special strength of character… I’m just too damned hardheaded to quit! Because I am that way, I can identify that part that’s inside you and help you draw it out; that is, if you’re willing to go through the steps, even when it feels hopeless.

One of the things that I learned was “The fastest way to feel better is to help someone else”. So, I did a bunch of free, intro sessions with new people and it worked. I got such positive feedback that it gave me a sense of purpose. It reminded me that I have something to offer. I was blown away by the compliments and “thank you’s” that people offered up.

To be fair, I did ask for referrals… but I said, send me referrals if and only if they found it to be truly useful to them. I found that 8 or 9 out of every 10 people I worked with wrote warm, heartfelt referrals for me. Most of them were far more kind and generous than I expected.

And I got some paying patrons out of it, too, because many people didn’t want to stop after just one session! But the most important thing was that it helped me hold on to my own purpose, my self-esteem.

A good coach reminds you that life will kick you in the teeth at times… but you’re not done until you stop getting back up. A good coach will remind you of the fighting spirit that is still within you, the thing that will bring your power back to the surface.

Naturally, my particular niche is that I’m a Conjure Coach. That’s a term that I coined myself. While I work with all kinds of people, from atheists and agnostics, to Catholics and Buddhists, my biggest specialty is helping people who are into magick, the people who use rituals, spells and other, esoteric techniques, to get the best out of themselves.

In Conjure Coaching sessions, I not only provide personal coaching but I add in any divination that you might need. I look at your astrological chart, the current transits, we look at where you are, where you want to go and I keep my various oracles close at hand, to help us answer the questions that come up during the session.

Last but not least, if any conjure is needed to help you push through, I will either help you formulate what spells to do for yourself or I will do them for you, depending on your needs and preferences at the time.

It doesn’t matter if you are in the OTO, if you’re into Wicca, Santeria, Voodoo, The Golden Dawn, you’re a Druid, a Left Hand Path person, a Hoodoo practitioner or whatever, I can help you… if you’re open to doing things differently. Not different as in do it my way but different as in do it the way that actually works for you, for who you truly are, deep down. We both know the way you’ve been doing certain things isn’t working for you and that’s because the way you’re doing those particular things is not in line with your truest self.

The places where you are being who you are meant to be, I’ll bet you’re excelling in those areas. I don’t really tell you what to do. Instead, I help you discover how you do it best.

Sure, I give you assignments and homework and we set goals for you and I help you stay accountable to them. But what I do best is that I find out what you’re already good at and I help you expand it. I learn what you dislike about yourself, your own behaviors and I help you redirect that energy to a better end. I help you to get yourself to do what you already know you want and need to do.

Want you’re own coach? Better yet, want a Conjure Coach?! See the Services page, at this link: Conjure Coaching.

Can’t afford me? Tell me so. Make me an offer on what you COULD afford. I will probably agree to work with you for one or two months on a sliding scale, with the understanding that we will get you earning more, so that you can afford my full fee, which is already more than reasonable.

I believe that if you help someone else, it WILL come back. I’m willing to help but you have to exercise enough faith to ask. You have much more faith than that, you just need dust it off and use it.

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