Hoodoo Helping Hands Fund

Because so many people are struggling, I am setting up the Hoodoo Helping Hands Fund, for those who need services but can’t pay. Lots of people are finding themselves in a position that makes it difficult or impossible to pay for even the most basic expenses. That means they often cannot afford extra things, like coaching and spell work. Yet, those things often make all the difference in a person’s situation.

We’re seeing how just gritting your teeth and working hard isn’t enough. People need help. This is an opportunity for the more fortunate among us to cover the costs of alternative services for those in need. This is your chance to be an angel benefactor and cover costs for someone who really needs it!

Some people simply want to be a part of the solution and donate, so that others can get the assistance they need. Such love offerings are a way for those who are already blessed to help the less fortunate get the blessings they need.

When you sponsor another person, you’re lending a hand to someone who needs coaching, spell work, hypnosis, readings or other services. You’re pitching in and doing your part, by donating (any amount you choose) to the Hoodoo Helping Hands Fund. This puts real, human, interactive support within reach, for many who desperately need help but who cannot afford the services, themselves.

How Does It Work?

The way it works is simple. You donate any amount you want. As people who simply cannot pay approach me, asking for help, I evaluate their situation and if they are good, kind, hardworking people who have simply fallen on hard times. Instead of charging them out of pocket, I take it out of the fund. I’ve already been working with people who can’t afford services. I will continue doing so, whether or not this fund ever raises a dime. But with you involved, a lot more people get assistance.

I work with them, on your dime. You’re helping me help others. Candles, oils, incense, etc, these are not too terribly expensive but it does add up, especially when you consider the large amount of time, energy and money that goes into real, sincere, dedicated study of the skills I’ve acquired over the years. Working with people who cannot afford help is something that I am passionate about. I’ve been doing it since I first hung out my shingle, ten years ago. But I can get a lot more done with support from people like you.

Let’s look at what services you’re helping people to access.


I’m trained and experienced as a personal coach and now, more than ever, people need strategies, guidance and help getting started and following through on plans for what they’re going to do next. This is not counseling, it’s a very different, cutting edge process called Strategic Intervention. Instead of placing the focus on talk about the past, we identify the most important areas and immediately set about developing and (more importantly) implementing plans for the individual to move ahead.


This temporarily bypasses all the worrisome, fearful thoughts and the stuckness that we sometimes bog down into. It helps people get past anxiety and bad habits and moves them into more effective behaviors. For real change, breaking out of the rut takes more than just positive thinking. It takes reprogramming our responses and those mostly take place under the surface, in the realm of the unconscious. Hypnosis reaches those places and assists people to make the changes they’ve been wanting to make but haven’t because of unconscious resistance.


Divination assists to identify key issues in people’s lives and helps us to know what to pay the most attention to, first. We utilize a wide variety of tools, such as tarot, dice, geomancy, runes, astrology, etc. By getting to the heart of the unseen matter, we skirt right past the majority of obstacles. For example, if you’re on this site then you likely already understand how a tarot reading can help. You already realize that when a person is experiencing very heavy astrological transits in one area of their life, we save time and precious energy by not trying to force that area. Instead, we utilize their limited time, energy and resources by strengthening them in other areas. We revisit that blocked place, once the road opens up a bit.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a powerful set of tools which allows me to assess the person and figure out what works for the individual, not what “should” work, for everybody. This helps me understand the person and how they sort, filter, process information, so I can design a strategy that is tailored just for them. We’re all human but we have different ways of perceiving the world and the meanings that we take away from these perceptions are vastly different from the next person. Some people sort according to what is similar about two ideas, people or things. Others sort according to what is different. Some are introverts, others are extroverts. Some head happily into challenges, others avoid them. Understanding these differences helps me build rapport with the person, which builds trust and allows me to truly help them.


Through spell work, we give the individual that extra edge in moving toward what they need to build a happier, healthier life. In using light settings, mojo bags, talismans and other types of magick, we give the person that extra push and spiritual help to make their life work.

What Does The Hoodoo Helping Hands Fund Pay For?

It covers any supplies I may need to give them. Things like mojo bags, bottles of oil, candles and talismans are not free and it’s time intensive. It pays for my time, so I can continue to help those who might not receive help, otherwise.

How Will It Help?

Say there are two people asking me for assistance. One of them has money and a situation that is important but not an emergency. The other one has no money but they’re a good, kind, smart person, who really needs help but just can’t pay. As a businessman, I have to prioritize the one who can pay. But as a human being and as a magician, I would much rather help the one with the more serious issue.

When you contribute, you may remain anonymous, if you prefer. You may also have your name appear on this site, noting your status as a benefactor. Choose whichever you method you prefer.

I’ve been working with people, regardless of what they could pay for years and that hasn’t changed, from day one until present. But I’m launching the Hoodoo Helping Hands Fund because the times are so difficult, for so many, more than ever.

Making Sure It Works

Anyone who receives help will have anonymity. That’s the only way we can ensure that the individual feels safe. Those who are comfortable with it will be gently encouraged to share their experience publicly but only if they’re fully comfortable with that. Many will not want to do this and I will respect their privacy.

As a benefactor, you get access to some information. You get updates on how many people are receiving your help and what types of things we’re working on. For example, “Today, your contribution helped a 32 year old woman have one hour of coaching and strategizing for her career. Here’s a pic of the money spell we did for her, to help her find work”. The fund is strictly for people who have emergency situations but cannot pay. It benefits the people who need it most.


Even when the individual chooses to remain anonymous, you’ll still see photos on this site and on Facebook and Instagram of work that I’m doing for my patrons (patrons is what I call my clients). Their personal pictures and information is always cropped out or blurred out of these photos, before I post them.

Every hour I spend with someone will be noted in the private records. How much time we work together, on what areas did we focus, what services they receive and any supplies that went out or got used by me, for them.

This program is good karma for you and much needed help for them. It helps me stay afloat, so I can keep helping people get back on their feet. The Hoodoo Helping Hands Fund is a win/win and that’s something that is in short supply. Let’s change it.

Make your contribution to the Hoodoo Helping Hands Fund now. Any amount makes a difference.


Here are the people who said it’s OK to list them as a contributor. Many want to remain anonymous. Of those listed here, so far all have opted to leave out the amount donated.

Mary Bahl