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I agree with this statement:

“If you’ve got a religious belief that withers in the face of observations of the natural world, you ought to rethink your beliefs — rethinking the world isn’t an option. -PZ Myers, biology professor (b. 9 Mar 1957)”

People might wonder why I would agree with this quote, being that I am an occultist. To me, Spirits and magick are perfectly in tune with the natural world. They are there, we just don’t see them. I don’t see radio waves, either.

I don’t see my wi-fi signal… but when I get too far from the router, I suddenly remember that there are these insivible little Sylphs that are helping my phone or my iPad to talk to the little, black box in the corner.

Most people I’ve met have at least one very powerful, personal story about ghosts, ESP, astral travel, someone they knew using magick successfully, etc. They just don’t talk about it, because it’s not socially acceptable. They don’t want to sound crazy.

Science scoffs at magick because you can’t recreate magick in the lab. Of course not. A key principle of magick is that it works in silence.
Any half-decent magician knows that if you cast a spell and tell people about it, it probably won’t work. Do it quietly, it might work. In science, it’s covered by what we call the observer effect.
We can’t prove love or hate or measure them with instruments but they clearly drive the entire world. We can show certain bits of the brain lighting up when people talk about them but that’s it. The same thing would happen when people talk about metaphysical stuff, it would just be different bits of the brain lighting up.

You also cannot recreate the Big Bang in the lab. However, I assume that what they physicists say about it is correct.

It’s worth noting that the idea of the Big Bang lines up perfectly with the Qabalah, with its 3 Veils of Nothingness, followed by the way in which the sephiroth are said to progress, down the Tree of Life.

The Lightning Flash, described in the qabalistic stories matches up quite nicely with the accepted scientific notions today of an ever-expanding Universe, which is growing less dense all the time.

Watch the physics documentary, Everything And Nothing.

As you watch this film, you might consider how all these ideas are the socially acceptible norm in modern astronomy and science today and yet (on the level of archetype and symbolism), they line up beautifully with the astrology and the occult sciences of yesterday.

It’s also a bit joyous to see a reference to Dr. John Dee, the personal astrologer and spy for Queen Elizabeth, probably the smartest man alive in his time. The narrator tells how he was consulting with a professional astronomer of that time, to theorize about an astronomical event that they had no explanation for.

Dee was an inventor, who created nautical navigation devices that would remain standards, long after his death and he and his scryer Edward Kelley developed the Enochian system of magick, a method of conversing with Angels. Pretty smart guy, if you ask me.

I know quite a few staunch atheists who, if you get a few drinks in them, will share stories of paranormal things that happened to them. But the moment they sober up or somebody is looking… Oh, no! That didn’t happen! That’s just something that I thought happened at the time.

As a child, I encountered a ghostly voice at my aunt’s house and didn’t even know it was a ghost (I thought someone was playing a joke on me) until I was in my 20’s and the story was explained to me. But I can still hear that voice, clearly.

I once had something growl at me in an empty room, in a house where spooky stuff regularly happened, to a dozen different people I know who visited there. Some of them will not speak of these things at all and yet, I am well aware of the fact that those people did experience those phenomena and were terrified by them. How many people might you know who are saying they have never experienced anything from the other side but are actually lying through their teeth, trying hard to forget all about it?

I’ve had a person visit me in a dream, speak to me and then tell me, the next day what they said, exactly. I’ve had plenty of dreams that were premonitions that came true. My oracles (tarot, geomancy, astrology, dice, bones, crystal ball, pendulum, etc) tell me things that I SHOULD NOT KNOW and yet, they are truths that only later on, come to light.

All the same, I really don’t have any religious views, at all. I do have many reverent views, about respecting the Divine, that which we refer to as God, the Angels, the Elementals and our ancestors.

I’ve seen things work, magickal things, that by scientific explanation, just SHOULD NOT WORK. Then I recall, as they discuss in the physics video, we thought until Einstein that the Universe was slowing down in its expansion. We now believe it’s speeding up. We used to think lots of things were hard science and now they’re not. We used to think lots of things were hooey, like something being in two places at once. Now, any particle physicist worth their salt will tell you that yes, a particle can in fact, be in two places, simultaneously.
It’s a weird world, folks. Somebody oughta sell tickets.

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