The basic formula is Uncrossing, Protection & Blessing and it’s the only way to truly get rid of all the problems.

First, we uncross. Then, we set up some spiritual trip wires of protection, to warn us against possible, future threats.

We train some spiritual guard dogs to stand watch at the doors and alert of of intruders. Finally, we usher in the blessings and make room for good things in our lives.

The Ritual

The most important, common thread through all four of the causes of crossed Conditions is a formal, Uncrossing Ritual.

This is a ceremony that severs unhealthy ties to any Spirits who mean you harm. An uncrossing interrupts the flow of abnormal bad luck.

Notice I said abnormal. You will still have bad luck sometimes. That’s life, kids. But it should not be a constant, day in/day out manner of existence.

Bath Mix

A bath mix for your uncrossing work

Uncrossing Bath Mix at Conjure Work, sorcery supplies, services by Magus (Kevin Trent Boswell)

The ritual should end that strange series of events that has the weird, eerie thread running through it. Uncrossing is something you can either do for yourself or you can have someone like me do it for you.

I highly recommend you do it yourself, if at all possible. Still, sometimes a person just can’t, for some reason. In those cases, I can stand in for you but I charge a lot for that, as it’s time consuming for me.

I offer a Complete Uncrossing Kit, which puts everything you need in one box. It includes the ritual that I use and there’s no hunting around for information or supplies. It’s all the supplies you need but you must have access to a bathtub and private space to do the ritual!

Uncrossing Oil

Uncrossing Protection and Blessing; Free Magick Lessons; Uncrossing Oil

After the uncrossing, I strongly recommend a Blessing Ritual. Think of a set of scales that is tipped in the negative direction. On the current side, there is bad luck and suffering. An Uncrossing sets the scales back to zero and restores balance.

Uncrossing Powder

Uncrossing Powder at Conjure Work, sorcery supplies and services, witchcraft and Hoodoo products by Magus (Kevin Trent Boswell)

The House Cleansing

Recall, our basic formula is Uncrossing, Protection and Blessing. Cleansing the home is a critical bit of the first part.

A house cleansing is a two-step process. First, do an extremely thorough physical cleaning, as if the Queen herself were coming over for dinner. No, not that queen… the other one.

You may already be a very neat and clean person. Unless you’re already a compulsive cleaner or an incurable neat freak, chances are you will need to clean intensely.

Chinese Wash

Chinese Wash; Uncrossing; Free Magick Lessons; Conjure Work; Hoodoo supplies

Do all the stuff you usually avoid doing. Clean the garage, the attic, the basement. Do all the usual vacuuming, dusting, dishes, laundry, etc. but don’t stop until you literally can’t find anything else to clean.

After the physical cleaning comes the spiritual cleansing. For this, you’ll need a few things. Some you may have, some you can get at a grocery store, some you can get from me. The links for these things are here:

3 Kings Charcoal 

(to burn incense on)

Three Kings Charcoal at Conjure Work, sorcery services and supplies

White Sand

(to lay the charcoal on)

White Sand for charcoal incense burners at Conjure Work, sorcery services and supplies

Blessing Work

When you do a Blessing Ritual, it tips the scale back in your direction and provides a state of calm.

This does not mean that $20 bills and chocolate bars begin to fall from the sky, but you should notice a general peace of mind and getting more of the things you need, if not a few things you want.

Next, go to Protection Magick, if you suspect any foul play in your particular set of spiritual malaise.

If not, you can pass GO, collect two hundred Spirit Bucks and proceed to Blessing Spells.

Following Up

After all this work to clean yourself up, you’re feeling good but it’s essential to remember ongoing psychic hygiene!

No single bath gets you permanently clean and no meal fills you up, forever. You must change your lifestyle and only then, will you stay in balance.

A great way to stay in tune and free of spiritual issues is to have a personal coach.

Be sure to see the other articles on the Free Magick Lessons and check back in, periodically. Naturally, you want to learn all there is to know and the the product description pages have lots more information.

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