Spiritual House Cleaning


Once you’ve gathered all the materials you need to cleanse yourself and your home (see the lesson called Uncrossing Protection & Blessing), here are the instructions you need to use the items. Use things in the order they are presented.

There is a reason for the order! Don’t skip ahead to the easiest thing!

To protect yourself from unwanted influences, you can take a simple bath of :

1 cup Salt (Epsom Salt or Sea salt)
½ cup Vinegar (Red Wine or Apple)
1 tablespoon Ammonia

(recipe from Jason Miller’s Protection & Reversal Magick)

Add no more than a tablespoon of Ammonia. This amount is perfectly safe. Add too much and it will burn the skin. At the level of a tablespoon, you will not even notice it.

This bath is to strip all influences from you, both positive and negative. For this reason, you should not do it very often, only when you are under immediate spiritual attack. It is a short term solution to help you stay strong while you perform the other cleansing measures.

www.conjurework.com Holy Water
Holy Water from Conjure Work


A simple emergency kit for the practicing magician would contain items like matches, lighters, a copy of your preferred holy book, be that Wiccan prayers, the Bible, The Torah or whatever your path uses.

RED and WHITE candles

Holy Water




a charcoal censer

White Sand



Fiery Wall of Protection Oil


Fiery Wall of Protection Oil


Blessed Salt

Uncrossing Bath Mix – run a hot bath in a clean tub. Add to it the Uncrossing Bath Mix. Put the whole ounce of bath mix into the cloth bag and tie it up. Boil some water and take the pot off the heat. Add the cloth bag and steep it like tea for 10 minutes. Add this to the tub. Make sure the tub is clean.

While in the tub, recite Psalms and ask for spiritual cleansing. When you get out of the tub, DO NOT towel dry yourself. Air dry.

Read the article on this page called How To Take A Ritual Bath. Use this bath whenever you feel you are slipping back into a negative cycle of bad luck, scary thoughts or if you sense anything evil in the house.

Uncrossing Oil – Dab some of this on your thumb and make the sign of the cross (either an equal-armed cross, or a Calvary cross) over every door and window in the home. Anoint yourself, your family and even your pets with this, by making the sign of the cross on the forehead and the backs of the hands. Be aware in advance that some people may have sensitive skin. Test a small area first.

Uncrossing Oil
Uncrossing Oil


Pray out loud, while you do this. Use the 23rd Psalm, 37th Psalm or the 51st Psalm. Do this once a day for 9 days straight.

Floor Wash – Take a mop bucket and fill it with hot water, as hot as you can make it. Add to the water the following:

¼ cup Garlic (powdered or minced)
1 tablespoon Red Pepper (powdered or flakes)
½ cup Vinegar (preferably Apple or Red Wine)
(recipe from Jason Miller’s Protection & Reversal Magick)

Or this one… 1 tablespoon each of:



Blessed Thistle






Sweep and mop your entire house. If you have more than 1 floor, start at the top floor and work your way down. The ground floor of the home should be last. You are driving evil energy OUT of the house. So, work back to front, ending at the front door. You are pushing the mess out into the street.

Throw the remaining water out the front door, as far as you can. If you live in an apartment, it’s OK to compromise here. Take it outside the building and throw it.

For carpets, mix up the recipe in a spray bottle and spray the carpets. It will stink for a few hours and then it will go away completely. I have done it at my house more than once, so don’t worry. It’s not going to stink forever. You can always steam clean the carpets next week, if it makes you feel better.

Chinese Wash – This is something you use to wipe down everything in the home. It’s a base of Murphy’s Oil Soap but it has Van Van Oil added to it, which is a Hoodoo oil of various lemon and grass oils. The recipe varies from practitioner to practitioner.


Chinese Wash
Chinese Wash


You dilute Chinese Wash with water. Use about a tablespoon of it to a quart (or even a half-gallon) of hot water. Take a rag and thoroughly wet it with the mixture. Wring it out lightly and wipe down every surface in your home that will not be damaged by water. Your rag should not be soaking wet, anyway… just damp. Keep rewetting and wringing out the rag, periodically. After you have wiped everything down, throw the left over water out the front door.

Protection Bath – See the article on this page called How To Take A Ritual Bath. Use this formula whenever you feel you are being threatened or you are required to be around a known enemy.

Blessed Salt – This is regular Sea Salt that I have taken into the Temple and consecrated. I do the work when it’s appropriate, usually when Luna is in Taurus. It’s not the quick saying of a prayer, but an involved ritual that takes around 20 minutes.

Spread a thin line of this across the doorways and the windows of your house, praying while you do so. This is a line of defense, to keep things out. Evil spirits and negative energy must be gotten out of the house first.

Frankincense Resin – Light charcoal and cense your whole house with the Frankincense, reciting The Lord’s Prayer, 23rd Psalm or some other invocation of blessings.

Blessing Oil – use this in the same way as you did the Uncrossing Oil. Use the Uncrossing Oil for 9 days, then follow that with the Blessing Oil for 7 days. This is a great, standard formula that you can use any time.

Blessing Oil
Blessing Oil


Witch Bottle Kit – This spell kit already contains very specific instructions. All you need to is open it up carefully (it contains sharp instruments) and follow the instruction guide inside. This will keep any future attacks from harming you. It will, at very least minimize any possible damage.

The Witch Bottle is one thing that I believe everyone should have, whether you regularly practice magick or not.