Protection Magick

Protection Magick is essential for ensuring that the problems don’t return.

Setting up effective wards is essential in protecting yourself, your home, family and belongings, etc.

A ward is a sort of magickal forcefield. I don’t really like putting it quite like that, because it’s absolutely nothing like the stuff you see in the movies.

It’s more like a dog who won’t venture past the sidewalk for fear of triggering the shock collar. No person or Spirit or curse is going to bounce off of you, because you’re wearing this stuff:

Fiery Wall of Protection Oil

What will occur however, is that when trouble comes your way (as it always does) a good portion of it will bounce off. Problematic people and Spirits become uncomfortable when they get around you.

Even as troublesome people approach, you see them changing their minds and wandering off in a different direction.

Fiery Wall of Protection Powder

There is just no such thing as a completely impenetrable magickal defense but this is damn close.

Much in the same way, there is no such thing as a truly bullet-proof vest. A good vest will stop most bullets, not all.

The “cop-killer” bullets with special tips will pass right on through but you’re far better off wearing a vest, than not.

Fiery Wall of Protection Powder at Conjure Work, sorcery supplies and services, witchcraft and Hoodoo products by Magus (Kevin Trent Boswell)
Fiery Wall of Protection Powder

Having a touch of protection powder in your shoes makes you less susceptible to the tricks of enemies. Not to mention having a beneficial effect on that foot odor issue! Phew!

Protection Bath Mix

Protection Bath Mix at Conjure Work, sorcery supplies and services by (Kevin Trent Boswell)
Protection Bath Mix

Witch Bottle Kit

This spell kit already contains very specific instructions. All you need to is open it up carefully (it contains sharp instruments) and follow the instruction guide inside.

This keeps future attacks from harming you, up to about a year or so out. It minimizes possible damage from the curses of enemies.

The Witch Bottle is something that I believe everyone should have, whether you regularly practice other magick or not.