Blessing Spells

Bringing in the Sheaves

In working your blessing spells, there are essentially two stances you might choose as your bedrock.

1) God (or Goddess) (or both) loves you and wants you to be happy. Therefore, it is your birthright to usher blessings into your life and into your home.

2) Science, while mostly infallible, maaaay not have figured out how to measure eeeeeverything, just yet.

Even the rationalist might find themselves saying “OK, so some things miiiiight benefit, just a teensy bit from all that woo woo stuff.

As a professional practitioner, I work with a wide variety of folks. They range from the most devout, religious sort to to the logical, skeptics. The latter sort turn to a weirdo like me, only out of desperation and exasperation.

When science fails them or condescendingly shrugs, well… there are no atheists in fox holes. To make sense of their life, they need answers and spiritual work is there for ALL.

It never ceases to amaze me, just how many would-be non-believers turn the skeptical cheek. They sing a different tune when magick hits one out of the park.

Getting Started

First things first… let’s make sure that you’re down with the program, G.

We’ve got a formula we’re following in these lessons. Since some of you might stumble on to this article before the others, a word to the wise.

I strongly recommend that you first read the lesson Crossed Conditions. That’s the longest article but it’s entirely necessary, in order to grok the others.

There is a reason for the order!

Don’t skip ahead to the easiest thing!

Don’t Touch!

Many times what a person perceives as a simple lag in the positive is actually a low level curse or jinx. In order to fix that, uncrossing must precede blessing work!

Unless you’re just really into doing everything twice, please heed the order!

Next, proceed to the article Uncrossing, to learn how to clear out that mess and fix yourself up! Even if you’re fairly certain you’re not cursed, you will benefit from uncrossing work.

I recommend people do an uncrossing about once a year. More, if they suspect a problem.

People who do a lot of magick
and/or are working through an initiatory system should probably do it more frequently!

Then, head over to Spiritual House Cleaning, where you’ll do the preparatory work for this lesson.

After that, you’ll have a choice, which is door number one, Protection Magick. For those who suspect a curse as t the result of their troubles, take door number one.

Door number two is… this one! If you’ve thoroughly digested everything in the first three lessons, you’re ready for this one.

If there’s no reason to suspect magickal attacks (there usually isn’t), you’re in the right spot. If you’re looking to invite some positive energy into your world, this is the place.

The Elements

You’ll notice that these pesky Element thingies keep popping up, in pretty much every discussion about magick. At least, every discussion about magick that actually works.

There’s a reason and that reason is that the Elements freakin’ matter! They are:


The Spirit Wheel
The Spirit Wheel

Not an Element, per se, it is rather, the alchemical perfection of the other four. We represent Spirit as a point and a circle and most especially, as a wheel of eight spokes. This evokes ideas of the eight, Sacred times of the year, we call Sabbats and a number of other, important ideas.

We invoke Spirit in a number of ways.

  • Recitation of prayer
  • Repetition of prayer
  • Established links (sacred scriptures, holy relics, gestures, etc)
  • Symbols
  • Names
  • Breath
  • Focusing Intention
  • Visualization
  • Faith (in whoever or whatever you choose, from a Deity, down to good old fashioned believing in yourself)

You’ll also notice that we accomplish most of these through the faculties of sight and sound. Also through the speech and breath, all emanating from the mouth.

In the Golden Dawn system, there are three Officers whose names begin with an H, because “H is the Ancient Greek aspirate or breathing, and breath is the evidence of life.” 

Only the physical links and focusing intention fall into the physical category.

However, it is because we have only the two for physical outlet, that we mustn’t omit them! Build up your prayers until you’re physically buzzing with energy!

Inflame Thyself With Prayer!

One of the ways to do that is through repetition! This is a highly overlooked feature of magickal ritual. You’ll do well to incorporate it into your work. Instead of reading that prayer or spell once, red it three times… nay… I say read the prayer SEVEN TIMES!

[steps down off the soap box, passes you the collection hat]

But seriously folks… try it. Our Western minds bore easily, with our gnat-like spans of… what was I talking about? Never mind, it will come back to me.

But while we wait… try the repetition thing and report back to me about how it works for you. I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Come On Baby, Light My Pyr

Ignis, Ash, Asch, Pyr

The Element of Fire

Fire is a potent energy, as we all know. It cooks our food, lights our way, fuels our machines. It also is pretty nifty, in that it scares away many of the scary, bad ol’ nasties.

Any first grader will tell you, hit the light-switch and the monsters flee in terror. If you’ve got a solid comforter and a flashlight, you’re golden.

To invoke Elemental Fire, first decide which camp you fall into. No, not Slytherin versus Dumbledore.

Camp A abides by the precept that Fire is incense.

If we go by that logic, then a staple resin that every hip magician simply MUST have in their hip magician kit is:

Frankincense Resin

Light charcoal and cense your whole house with the Frankincense, reciting The Lord’s Prayer, 23rd Psalm or some other invocation of blessings.

Frankincense (Boswellia carteri) at
 Frankincense (Boswellia carteri)

Camp B says Elemental Fire is, well… FIRE!

I’m more of a Camp B dude, personally but you do what suits you. I’m presenting both methods and you can try each.

Whoa, Whoa, I’m On Fire

I’ve actually already put up a really in depth examination of the subject of Cleansing With Elemental Fire. Rather than repeat all of that here, I’ll just suggest that you read it, next.

Fire Incense, at Conjure Work, sorcery supplies services, witchcraft Hoodoo products high magick
Elemental Fire Incense

Consider also, The Elements Series, a little something I put together for addressing all the various Elements.

What, then?!

Cleansing With Elemental Fire, a Magus72 blog post at
Cleansing With Elemental Fire

If we’re not putting incense here, then what? Well, fire, obviously. That means candles. Again, please refer to the article Cleansing With Elemental Fire, as that goes into real depth on the topic.

Take your red candle, for Elemental Fire and draw the Fire glyph, the upward pointing triangle. Use the Divine Name YHVH TZABAOTH (yod hay vav heh zah bah oht). Or utilize your favorite, friendly Fire Spirit or the words for Fire (under the glyph).

Down By the River

The next Elemental force to invoke is Water. Water purifies and washes away the dross, which is overdue for its leaving.

Aqua, Hydor, Maim, Mu

The Element of Water

In fact, the widest variety of stuff to use for drawing in blessings is in this category. That doesn’t mean that you necessarily need all of them.

It does however, mean that you have lots of potential, conjure toys to play with. Children, be nice and share your toys.

You’re already familiar with Holy Water by now. Not only does it kick out the bad but it also draws in the good. So, multitask this stuff in your blessing regimen, too.

Spray some Holy Water in each room, in three spritzes, one at the bottom center, one to the upper left, one to the upper right. That gives you the Water glyph.

When doing so, speak (or vibrate) the Hebrew Name ELOHIM TZABAOTH. Or, use a kind, welcoming Water Deity or Spirit. At very least, use the words (under the glyph) for Elemental Water.

Blessing Oil

Use this in the same way as you did the Uncrossing Oil. Anoint yourself with the Uncrossing Oil for nine days, then follow that with the Blessing Oil for seven days. This is a great, standard formula that useful at any time.

Anoint a person, with a little dab from your thumb or forefinger. Draw a small symbol on the forehead but stick to standard symbols. These are:

  • the Calvary Cross (Christian)
  • equal-arm Cross (balance)
  • a hexagram (Judaic)
  • pentagram (Pagan)

Anointing yourself with oil is an ancient tradition but still highly relevant today. This simple act instantly changes one’s consciousness, especially with the addition of prayer and emotion.

Elemental Water Oil

When you’re not exactly sure what you want to invoke but you know a cleansing is in order, I’d suggest this stuff. Also, if you’re doing anything along the lines of initiation ritual, pertaining to Water, this is the way to go.

Water Oil; the Elements Series, Elemental Magick; made by Magus at Conjure Work, sorcery supplies and services
Water Oil; the Elements Series, Elemental Magick

In the Golden Dawn, the Practicus Grade relates to Elemental Water. Other traditions also have some stopping point, however brief, in the watery realm.

Peace Water

Spritzing a little Peace Water around the house makes things calm and nice. I recommend using this when you know you are going to have a conversation that could become challenging. It may help the other person stay more grounded but your focus should remain on yourself.

Peace Water at Conjure Work, sorcery supplies and services, witchcraft and Hoodoo products by Magus (Kevin Trent Boswell)
Peace Water

Peace Water is obviously no replacement for good communication skills. There’s gold in the video that I just linked for you. It will open up the world, for those who will actually watch it and open their noggins.

Therefore, use your I statements and avoid any interrupting. Assume that the other person is trying to resolve things as much as you are. No amount of magick is going to just bend others to your way of seeing things… nor should it.

When we practice sorcery, we’re looking at slightly tilting the scales in a favorable direction here, not overturning the whole table.

A little spray of Peace Water and a quick prayer can help you tune in to a serene place and if it helps the atmosphere even 1%, making it more conducive to a warm and friendly outcome, then why not use it?

Elemental Air

Ruach, Nef, Aer, Aer

Here is where I personally put the tool of incense.

The Hebrew, Divine Name for Elemental Air is SHADDAI EL CHAI (sha-dye el kai). You might use the words for Air, under the glyph. Or, use your favorite, benevolent Air God/dess.

Swing your incense censer (or stick) in the shape of the Air glyph, as you invoke your Name(s) of choice.

The Element of Earth

Terra, Aretz, Ge, Ta

Finally, we settle down to the bottom of the Tree. This is where things really ground out and manifest on our plane of existence. Unless we cap off the Elements with Earth, nothing truly comes in to our world.

Blessing Powder

Put a fine coating of Blessing Powder on your body and a little in your shoes. This act provides some sense of connection to the work you’re doing.

Blessing Powder at Conjure Work, New Age, Metaphysical goods, sorcery, witchcraft and Hoodoo products by Magus (Kevin Trent Boswell)
Blessing Powder

Traditionally, we place a pinch of an appropriate powder in the corners of each room. We finish up with one in the center, creating what we call a Five Spot pattern. As with everything else, pray while you do this work.

The Hebrew Divine Name for Earth is ADONAI HA-ARETZ.

You may use the names of Earth you see under the Earth glyph, if you wish. Those are simply the words which mean Earth but better than nothing. Of course, feel free to fall back on any Earth Deity you work with.

Try breathing the Name(s) lightly over your powder, to charge it. I usually make the Earth sigil with my right hand, while holding the powder in my palm. Then, I go about blowing a small amount of powder into each room, focusing on the intention.

Now, you have more than enough Elemental ideas for drawing in blessings, to keep you busy for a long time. Let’s look at some other simple blessing spells.

More Easy Blessing Spells

One of the simplest spells is to use a plain white candle, virtually any kind. Out of all the Figural candles, I’d only recommend the Cross candle. The Cross candle works beautifully, for Christian, Jew and Pagan, alike.

A simple 4”, 6”, 12” taper or a white, novena candle will do just fine. Get the cross for special occasions.

Dress your white candle in Blessing Oil and roll it lightly in Blessing Powder. Place it in a Star Candle Holder, on a plain white or clear plate.

Put this at the center of the home or near the front door. If no one uses the front door, then use the one that everyone enters by.

Say a quick exorcism over the candle. Realize that the term exorcism means to bring out a Spirit, not necessarily to evict it.

Now, I will present you with two versions. First, the MUCH LONGER, formal Exorcism of Fire, in the Greater Key of Solomon. But then, a short and sweet, easy version you can use.


I exorcise thee, O Creature of Fire, by Him through Whom all things have been made, so that every kind of Phantasm may retire from thee, and be unable to harm or deceive in any way, through the Invocation of the Most High Creator of all. Amen.

Bless, O Lord All Powerful, and All Merciful, this Creature of Fire, so that being blessed by Thee, it may be for the honour and glory of Thy Most Holy Name, so that it may work no hindrance or evil unto those who use it. Through Thee, O Eternal and Almighty Lord, and through Thy Most Holy Name. Amen.

This being done, thou shalt put the Spices upon the Fire, and make what perfumes and suffumigations thou requirest.

ADONAI, LAZAI, DALMAI, AIMA, ELOHI, O Holy Father, grant unto us succour, favour, and grace, by the Invocation of thy Holy Name, so that these things may serve us for aid in all that we wish to perform therewith, that all deceit may quit them, and that they may be blessed and sanctified through Thy Name. Amen.

Easy Version

I exorcise thee, O Creature of Fire, by the Holy Name, ADONAI, through Whom all things have been made, so that all in this house will be blessed and sanctified through Thy Name. Amen.

You might add a reading of the 23rd Psalm if you desire something a little extra.

Remember the repetition aspect of blessing? Try reading it three times… or seven times. Each time, allow yourself to become more and more fervent in your desire to bring good things into your home and to your family.

Blessing Mojo

This Mojo Hand (Mojo Bag) is something to hang up, over the front door or in a prominent place in the kitchen. You may also hang it over the mantle, if you have an active fireplace. Don’t hang it over a fireplace that’s boarded up.

Take a white Mojo Bag and fill it with seven herbs of blessing. I’ll give you a list but it’s by no means exhaustive. Search for “blessing” in the herbs in the Conjure Shop for additional ideas.

  1. Lavender
  2. Rosemary
  3. Yerba Santa
  4. St. John’s Wort
  5. Peppermint
  6. Grains of Paradise
  7. Blessed Thistle

Take a piece of fresh, clean, white paper and write the name of each family member. Dab the paper with Blessing Oil, once in each corner, and three times in the center, side-by-side.

Place over this a family photo, preferably one with everyone in it, if possible. Fold these two papers toward you, three times and place them in the bag. Put in a pinch of Blessing Powder, as well.

Speak the 23rd Psalm into the Mojo and seal it up, making sure it’s tight, so it won’t open again.

Tacked the Hand up, by the string, over the fireplace, in the kitchen, or over the front door. Avoid any place people might be tempted to touch it. You may re-charge this and buy occasionally putting some Blessing Oil on the mouth of the bag and re-reading the prayer.

You might also make such a Hand for a family member who is traveling, away from home. Tell them not to get it wet or let anyone else touch it. It should be kept someplace special and private.

Give them a bottle of Blessing Oil and instruct them in how to feed it. This will ease any homesickness and bless their travels.

FootTrack Magick

A simple method of blessing one’s children is this. When they runoff to play, scoop up their footprint with the garden trowel and place it into a small, mason jar.

Put in a handful of Blessing Powder and a hand written copy of the 23rd Psalm or other appropriate prayer. Dab Blessing Oil on the prayer paper and place it in the jar, as well. Speak fervently your prayer to the divine that there every step is protected and blessed.

Speak passionately that you wish no harm to ever before them. Request that their every step be lifted up by blessings.

Blow a kiss into the jar and seal it up. Place it in the attic or someplace no one will find it. Tape a note to the jar stating that no one should open it.

Now you have a few ideas to use and your imagination, your familiars and the Divine Spirit will guide you in other methods!