Free Magick Lessons

Free Magick Lessons

Just getting started with conjure practice?  Here are several free lessons, written by Magus. New lessons and information are added all the time. To get the newest stuff, you’ll also want to:

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Here are quick links for the Free Magick Lessons. Click on the titles below to read them:

  1. Crossed Conditions
  2. Uncrossing
  3. Spiritual House Cleaning
  4. Protection Magick
  5. Blessing Spells
  6. How To Use Magick Powders
  7. Spiritual House Cleaning
  8. How To Take A Ritual Bath
  9. How To Burn Incense On Charcoal
  10. Isn’t This Just As Good?
  11. How To Use 7 Day Candles
  12. Cut & Clear Work (coming soon)

Free Magick Lessons; How to Use Magickal Oils
How to Use Magickal Oils, Elemental Water Sorcery at Conjure Work

There are two reasons why I put up free magick lessons and I think both are pretty solid. First is that people appreciate getting a head start and there’s no cost. Second, I consider it a public service of sorts and that’s because there’s already so much incorrect garbage out there.

M.S.U. University

It’s hard to throw a crystal without hitting some really crappy website that has a lot of information from the magickal university by the name of M.S.U. (Making Shit Up).

It’s perfectly fine to write your own spells and rituals (I do it a LOT) but only AFTER you thoroughly understand the practices of the magicians of old.

Rollin’, rollin’ rollin’…

You only get to reinvent the wheel, if you first understand what a wheel is! Even better if you are able to name all the different types of wheels and better still if you’re proficient enough to build wheels, exactly like the original models.

When you’re able to build a working wagon wheel, a tractor wheel and a sports car wheel, it’s safe to say that you know something about wheels. Until then, you should probably be quiet and humble and watch how the expert wheel makers do things.

Learn the Basics

Same goes for magick and when I’m among beginners, I share and teach. When I’m around practitioners with more experience, I share and learn but I don’t teach.

Notice how I say that. I still share when I’m around bigger fish than myself but I do NOT try to teach them. If they don’t appreciate my techniques, I shrug it off and I examine whether maybe they realize something that I’m missing.

But new folks are always starting and I love to share with them. I’m fortunate to have very knowledge magicians who shared with me and I want to pay it forward. So I share with everyone but I don’t talk down to anyone.

Pay It Forward

You can complain about people learning M.S.U. but you must balance that by putting out some solid materials, yourself. Then you’re not complaining without offering a solution and you get to help people who want the help. That’s a win/win scenario and we need all the help we can get!

I hate M.S.U. so I take it as a sign that I should help out the people who want to learn. You folks are happy to learn things the right way but you need to know where to look!

Some say this is their answer to that question and I sincerely hope these articles will better your life.

Hopefully these pages are the answer you’re seeking and hopefully you’ll let me know about your good results!

Feel free to share your success stories in the Testimonials section!