El Negro Matapacos

This is El Negro, aka El Negro Matapacos.

This courageous dog has been (unofficially) canonized as the protector of peaceful protestors who are assaulted by the police or military of unjust, corrupt governments. He’s also the patron saint of street dogs. He’s one of my heroes.

There’s lots of great information about El Negro online, wonderful demonstrations of valor on the part of this ultra brave and loyal animal.

A Tradition of Real Heroes

El Negro Matapacos (Blackie, the Cop Killer) fearlessly flung himself between unarmed protesters and the cops and soldiers who were assaulting them on many different occasions. He is a legend in Chile, widely celebrated.

His is a historically validated tale, one which proves the saying that dogs are indeed man’s best friend. It should, of course, be… other human beings. Yet, we still have much growing to do.

Apparently, there is a rich tradition of dogs who protect protesters. These gallant beasts stand beside those persons who rally themselves against oppressive, dictatorial regimes. Dogs love their people and will defend their own, down to the last, bitter breath of air in their blessed, little lungs.

They somehow intuitively recognize the plight of their oppressed friends and instead of running, they fight alongside the downtrodden, as valiant combatants, true and worthy soldiers, noble and full of honor. The police could learn a thing or two from our furry, four-legged brethren.

Call to Action

The students of Chile, most prominently during 2011, were angry about the nepotism of the educational system in their country. They took to the streets to protest and rather than allow them to do so, the police sought to suppress this as some sort of violent uprising.

The powers that be saw it as an embarrassment and wanted it squashed quickly. They mistakenly believed that if they simply beat on the students enough, then they’d go home and the normality of a highly unfair system would resume.

Instead, they only dropped a catalyst into the already explosive mixture, igniting the students to then band together with even more resolve, because now, it was even worse. Now, they were fighting against violence, as well as greed. They united the protesters and it turned into a globally covered spectacle.

Sound familiar? I thought so. We’re seeing it play out before our own eyes, here in the states.

How Much More, Then?

The racially charged protests here in this country didn’t begin because of a lack of educational opportunities for minorities. That was certainly a preexisting thing here. But this all began because of a disgusting number of high profile cases of criminal behavior from America’s police… murder. George Floyd was merely the last straw.

How much more, then? How much more do we Americans need our own furry hero, our own underdog to give us a sense of unity and hope?


This post is a little long but I ask you stay in it to the end. I’m presenting the various angles of this clusterfuck situation but I will also introduce you to some possibilities for some practical sorcery that might and quite probably will help.

It will at very least help you stop feeling powerless and give you something to do, from behind the front lines.


The police have been militarizing for decades, under the guise that police are too often murdered in the line of duty and so they need to be more heavily armed. It’s simply not true.

In 2020 alone, a total of 185 officers have been listed as killed in the line of duty. A more careful examination of those records will reveal that killed in the line of duty does not mean “murdered by a bad guy”. Does that happen? Of course; far too much. Why? Because even one is too much.

But guess what? Even one, single, private citizen being beaten or killed by a cop… that’s also too much.

It does not matter how the cop feels about the person. Their job as a cop, is to protect them. This remains true, regardless of that person’s race, religion, gender, occupation or anything else. Period.

Even if the person is angry, hostile, out of line, the cop’s job is to restore peace… not play out their own, personal view of frontier style, vigilante law and order. They’re paid to protect, not assault. The cop’s job is to keep everyone safe, even in spite of themselves. They’re not paid to beat people up. People who are paid for that are called gangsters, not police.

The Real Deal

So, yes, the police have their casualties to contend with and that is rough… true. But they signed on for a tough job. They lose some of their own, which is disheartening and sad. Just like our military, it’s a dangerous job.

But it ain’t nearly as dangerous as they would have us believe. The militarization of the police is just a tactic to gain more control and move closer to a full on police state. Read that as fascism, plain and simple.

Now, juxtaposition this 185 number against the staggering number of shameful acts that have been spreading like wildfire, violence committed by sworn peace officers, against the American people. It’s most overwhelmingly cases of cops killing unarmed minorities.

A horrific number of these “incidents” (a polite euphemism for murder) are against peacefully surrendering individuals, people who have put their hands up and are desperately trying to comply with the orders they are being given by the cops.

Rather than accept Yes as an answer, these militant, mafioso street thugs, dressed up as peace keepers, secure the person in handcuffs and then continue to beat them, berate them and kneel on them in ways that cause permanent damage and even death.

Here’s just one of the many lists of people wrongfully killed by police.

Professional Persecution

Police are paid good money to protect and serve the people.

Instead, they beat, murder and wrongfully incarcerate the very same people that they swore an oath to protect. Why? Because they can and because the department hires its own… racists and psychotic thugs who went into the job because they like beating people up.

Almost every single day, I learn of yet another, psychotic act that has been perpetrated by these Storm Troopers who are working for the agenda of an orange 🍊 turd 💩, aka bunker bitch.

Apologies, In Advance

I have to take a slight detour here, for some necessary context. For anyone who is unfamiliar with my writing, it’s helpful to understand that I have completely sworn-off speaking the accursed name of that tacky, two-bit demagogue who is masquerading as an American President.

I also will not refer to the orange 🍊 Nero by any, typically human pronoun, such as him, he, they, etc. I use the term it, when referring to the single worst “president” in Amercan history. That’s not a person, it’s a factory defect, it should have been put back in for repairs or just recalled, completely. The problem?

it is missing the empathy chip. That’s the ability to care for others and to sincerely desire their welfare, as much as you desire your own.

I call it Nero, because Nero was said to do nothing helpful and instead, played his lyre, while his city burned to the ground.

Similarly, the thing currently in office is distracting us from important issues with ridiculous stunts. it plays the liar and tweets, while America is burning.

My reasoning for this is twofold. One, I will not show any respect to that orangutan with the cheap spray tan and the bad hair piece. I refuse. Maybe under the duress of a few weeks of horrific torture, water boarding and so forth but nothing short of that. I will not capitalize it’s name or anything to do with it and all of its criminal atrocities.

I also use it, instead of something more human, because, I don’t regard it as human at all, not really. Now, I am not trained to diagnose a rhesus monkey, much less any person.

Yet, I will continue to staunchly maintain my position that orange 🍊 dump 💩 is a walking, talking poster child for Narcissistic Personality Disorder. If you’re not so sure about that, have a look at the list of NPD characteristics, from the Mayo Clinic and judge for yourself.

Criminal Tactics

it has been using the preexisting wounds of racism and financial inequality (entirely too soft a word) as ruse, a cheap ploy to distract Americans from voting it out of power.

However, it has even been told by a judge that it is not a king. Likewise, it seeks to destroy our essential service that is the Post Office, only to keep people from voting. This, because it knows too well that it cannot win, fair and square. its idiotic, rabid supporters have chanted “12 more years!” at rallies, at its own behest. If that doesn’t unsettle you, you’re beyond clueless. It wasn’t a joke, it was serious about it.

El Negro Matapacos

Now, back to El Negro. He’s much more worthy of discussion, anyway. I apologize for even mentioning the orange 🍊 poopsicle 💩. But one situation unfortunately hangs closely upon the other, so a bit of background was necessary for context. How do they fit together?

Because the orange 🍊 douche 💦 is happy about anything that distracts America from voting on Election Day. it is happy to have all this chaos and hence, is jeering and spurring all of it on. it thinks that the idea of a race war in the streets is wonderful. That will keep us busy and away from the polls. So it thinks.

In Another Land

The Chilean people were standing up against an unfair regime that gave excellent opportunities for education to the rich and left the poor out in the cold.

Now, America is standing up to oppression, as well. The inhuman thing which has infiltrated the Oval Office has been using an already corrupt system, the police, as its own, personal tool.

it happily encourages the cops to use as much force as it wants, just to bring the whole pot to a boil. it treats the police force as a tire iron, with which to take this country out at the knees.

El Negro Matapacos is a genuine hero. He did not shrink from the Chilean police, when they violently descended upon their own citizens during the protests there.

The Chilean government also had no respect for truth, equality, fairness or any of the qualities that real Chileans and real Americans hold near and dear to their hearts.

Heartbreak At Home

This is what you have already seen many times and you cannot unsee it. This is what George Floyd’s last living moments looked like.

This is the ugly truth of a corrupt system that has dived, head first, deep into its own ass.

This cop’s face is what a man looks like, after he has lost the last bits of humanity, drunk with an over-inflated sense of self-importance, feeling completely superior and justified in his every, murderous action, even those which crush another human being right out of life, itself.

This is the face of hubris, arrogance, the cruelty of one who thinks he’s funny, cool and cute, when he crushes the neck of an unarmed, handcuffed man.

The sick arrogance of it churns the stomach.

The man, George Floyd was neither saint nor serial killer. He had been accused of a crime, not convicted. He surrendered without any resistance whatsoever and still, some six, armed officers thought it acceptable to continue crushing him, to death.

This is not an isolated incident.

This is what America has been for a very long time. It’s merely coming into the light now and rather than mend their ways, the fascists, White Power groups and neo-Nazis are only becoming bolder, angrier and more openly violent, every day.

The list of their victims could fill volumes.

This… must stop.

America Can’t Breathe

Everyone is already well aware that the slew of protests across the country were sparked off of the brutal, sadistic murder of George Floyd.

What too many Americans do not know (no disrespect to Mr. Floyd, may he rest in peace) is vastly more important. There is a long-standing line of bigotry and racism that has been too long entrenched in this country and the police system is absolutely eaten up with it.

It’s not a case of a few bad apples. It’s a barrel of rotten apples, with only a few good ones that have yet to spoil. Unfortunately, the good apples are complicit in the matter and readily defend the bad ones, for fear of reprisal against themselves.

It’s probably also a case of cognitive dissonance, wherein to admit the inexcusable behavior of their colleagues, the good officers (and there are many of them) would be forced to confront their own allegiance with a perverse, corrupt and broken system. That must be a frightening thing to admit to oneself and my heart goes out to them.

Trouble Coming Every Day

The song above is Trouble Every Day, by The Mothers of Invention, Frank Zappa’s band. It’s from the album, Freak Out. It was written during the race riots in Watts, CA in 1965.

The lyrics are scrolling throughout the video and I heartily suggest that you read them, even if you don’t particularly care for the music. It’s a potent and emotionally charged telling of the racial and class struggles in this country. Not much has changed since then, unfortunately.

I have no idea if our esteemed Mr. Jackson here has put any kind of stamp of approval on this meme. I sort of doubt he’s even seen it.

Yet, I do know that Samuel L. Jackson has come to be a symbol of strength, much like El Negro. And he has been known to tell a muthafucka or two exactly where he can put all that punk ass bullshit, lest he have to put a cap in a bitch’s ass.

Goon Squad on Patrol

It’s the stuff of horror movies, shooting unarmed people, people surrendering with their hands in the air and still, the cops tackle, punch, body slam and pepper spray them, even after they have them in handcuffs.

If a dog behaved that way, the state would euthanize it in a heartbeat. Yet, these thugs in uniforms, these overgrown jocks that never got past the bullying stage in grade school, they remain protected and their behavior is unchecked and growing more savage and brazen, by the day.

I have personally known, since high school how psychotic bullies are drawn to the police department, like moths to a flame. I credit the band, The Dead Kennedys with stoking my curiosity.

I wanted to know if they’re was any truth to the severely harsh criticism in their song, Police Truck. Unfortunately, I found out that yes, it’s based on real episodes of police, beating the homeless for fun and raping prostitutes.

Nice guys… good times 😐

Just like the mafia, the Crips or the Bloods, The Hell’s Angels, MS-13 or any other gang, the police are aware that any light shed on their dark deeds is a threat.

And just like other gangs, they readily use violence to suppress threats. They’re perfectly content with violence as a tool. Up until now, there was one caveat… don’t get caught.

But lately, they don’t care who sees them committing their crimes. They try to stop people from filming them but the cameras rolling no longer keeps them under control.

Now, they push on and beat and even shoot unarmed Americans, because they believe that they are unstoppable. Why shouldn’t they? In their minds, the president has their backs.

See now, how you cannot simply separate one issue from the other?

Look at only the political side and you’ll see an unusual election year. “Oh, course everyone is angry. People are always riled up about presidential elections. It’s nothing new!”.

Except that it is. No other American President has sought so eagerly to groom the police force into being a personal, SS like what’s happening, right now. As I already said, the orange 🍊 catheter bag idolizes Adolf Hitler. That’s not slander… it’s a fact.

A sitting American “president” is an actual fan of the Nazis.

Yes, you should, in fact, be worried about that. That is a healthy fear, brothers and sisters. Likewise, you should be afraid of walking into the path of a speeding eighteen wheeler or a water moccasin.

These are OK fears to have.

America Gets A Berlin Wall

It’s also perfectly rational and logical to assume that yes, it’s a very bad thing that it has turned the White House into a military complex.

bunker bitch, backs up, for the brunt of the coming, brutish backlash, after butting heads with a brutalized America, it’s bent on breaking.

Why?! Why on Earth would it do such a thing?!

Because it knows, you cannot oppress an entire nation of people, especially a proud bunch, such as the American people, without expecting them to rebel. its orange fortress of solitude is a clear and marked declaration of war against the American people.

It was not merely luck that they caught it on tape, when it had the cops tear gas reporters and fire rubber bullets at them, just so it could walk across the street for a photo op.

If they wanted to, they could have had the Secret Service clear reporters much further back, much earlier on.

The pseudo-president, dictator wanted us to see.

It’s simple Psychotic Behavior 101. You don’t go completely off the deep end, all at once. Instead, you do something small, like lie. Then, you start lying a lot. Then, all the time. Then you hit them… just once. But apologize or say it was an accident.

Then, a few weeks later, when they’ve let it go and forgotten it, do it again. This time, harder and use a couple or three blows, instead of one. Once again, be very convincing that it will never happen again. Create confusion and cause them to distrust their own minds and their gut-level intuition. Sow doubt.

Eventually, you’ll be able to abuse them as much as you want, any time you want. They will have grown used to it, little, by little, by more and more.

It’s called grooming.

It’s also known as operant conditioning.

It’s used constructively in the training of dogs and destructively by psychos and malignant narcissists, to gain control over their victims.

The thing, sitting in the White House, has groomed America to accept lies at such a mind boggling rate per day, that’s lies are now perceived as the new normal. Likewise, violence and threats of violence and threats of withholding vital support are now the new normal.

You are being led by something with all the compassion of a great white shark.

And we’ve been baited into treating this as acceptable behavior from our police:

Violence Is NOT Part of the Police Oath

America was not founded upon this type of tyranny. The original Colonial citizens of this country went to war not only because of “no taxation without representation”. That was merely part of it.

It was also because of the British troops, invading their homes with impunity. British soldiers grew brazen about striking the Colonists if they didn’t bow to the soldiers’ every whim. The Brits would get grabby with and even rape the Colonial women and kill anyone who made fuss about it. They grew overconfident about their power.

And the new people, now known as Americans, whipped their sorry asses for it.

If you beat Americans, then Americans will kick your fucking ass, up one end of the street and down the other. It does not matter what uniform you wear or who your boss is.

We know when we’re in the right. That’s why we won the Revolutionary War and World War II.

We’re also painfully aware of it, when we’re involved in a conflict that is not good or righteous or worthy. That’s why the South lost the Civil War and it’s why we got our asses handed to us in Vietnam… because it wasn’t right.

Why should modern Americans sit idly by, while our own police force murders people in the streets and in their homes? People who were never witnessed committing any crime, who were wrongly identified as a suspect, who were beaten and all too often killed… after surrendering peacefully.

There’s absolutely nothing about the behavior of the police that is acceptable or noble or worthy of the badge they wear. Murderers go to prison, because they’re a danger to society.

There have always been rogue cops who abuse their authority and there always will be. That’s no different from any group of human beings, anywhere on the planet, at any time. Evil is the human problem and is hardly the exclusive domain of cops. But now, it’s escalating in a terrifying way.

This Wikipedia page has probably as comprehensive a list of infractions (another polite euphemism) as any that you’ll find. It’s not easy to decipher though.

Why? Because it’s so extensive that it’s got to be broken down into many, byzantine layers of links and threads, trailing out across each month of each year, in all 50 states. It’s worth the time but it’s not exactly fun, light reading, once you really look into the details of each item you find. We can live in George Orwell’s dystopian nightmare of 1984 or we can hold them accountable.

Even in cases where the cops were called out, knowing that the person in question was not violent but was suffering from mental illness, they still used excessive force.

In this incident, it went so far as causing a mentally ill man to die, succumbing later to the damage caused by the cops.

A half-dozen or so cops, all armed, against one, naked, unarmed, severely-emotionally-hurting man. They get him cuffed and still felt that it was perfectly OK to continue pressing down on him so hard that he died.

Unlike with the heartless murder of George Floyd, it wasn’t until later that Daniel Prude, 41, became brain dead and slipped away. “On March 30, he was taken off of life support – seven days after the encounter with police in Rochester”.

Little Boys, Feeling Threatened

The Republicans and any other group that happens to defend the police behavior (fringe groups and so on) want us to believe that they are heroes, rising up to protect the cities of America from an onslaught of violent mobs, bent on destroying property.

It’s total bullshit.

Here’s a link with something that went down in Tampa, FL, just last month. Watch the video, you’ll see peaceful protesters marching. Cops rush up and assault them with billy clubs.

America, you’re being taken over by fascists. It’s happening right in front of your eyes.

Wake up.

It’s anything but an isolated incident. The cops are on the war path. Not against criminals… against anyone who questions them or holds them accountable for their actions. They want complete, total, unshakable authority and nothing less. We’re turning into the USSR.

Anyone who says that’s fake or it was merely one, isolated incident is either part of it or so stupid, you should avoid them, for fear of getting their stupid on you. Google is your friend. With zero trouble, you will find hundreds more videos, just like it. And no one is being spared, regardless of race, gender, class or anything else.

A Hero For Our Cause

This lovable and loyal mutt, El Negro, didn’t even belong to any of the Chilean protesters, not officially. If you ask me, he was sent by the positive, good Spirits, as a champion for the oppressed.

Of course, I am a romantic. I’m a musician, a poet and —if you ask most cops— a troublemaker and a deadbeat. I’ve not always been, shall we say, on the right side of the law. I’m also a sorcerer, a witch. That lands me in a special section of the DSM, so I stopped giving a shit what the establishment thinks of me, a very long time ago.

El Negro is a hero for our time. He represents the Luke Skywalker, to stand against an orange 🍊 wannabe Darth Vader.

An orange tyrant, portrayed as the character, Dark Helmet, from the movie Spaceballs.

High Hurdles Ahead

El Negro is an ideal metaphor, in the eternal conflict of right against wrong. He is, in my opinion, a perfect symbol of decent human beings, fighting back against cruel and selfish, greedy power-mongers.

He can help us to gather our thoughts, faculties and resources, that we may unite against that mindless, empty husk who would sooner shred this nation than lose its highest office.

El Negro Matapacos serves as an icon against tyranny and racism and totalitarian fascists who care only for themselves.

A Dark History

The people in power right now operate under the full blessing of an inhuman shell, a thing that literally idolizes Adolph Hitler. It’s not new, unfortunately.

The lineage of nepotism, favoritism and brazenly overt racism that pervades the police establishment is clear. There’s really not much time elapsed since segregation was officially done away with in the 1950s.

We all know that it never really just went away. It’s alive and well and there have been numerous, confirmed reports of exactly how deep the infestation of the police department is, with neo-Nazi groups and White Power groups of various types, not merely the KKK but primarily so.

As recently as 1980, the Klan murdered four, Black women, as part of an initiation ritual for new members. So, if you’re thinking that the horrors of slavery are a thing buried deep in the annals of Colonial America, you’re wrong. It’s alive and well.

Alabama police who were suspended but later reinstated, after this photo of them all making a well known White Power sign. A high school level move, straight from the annals of inner city street gangs.

Ironically, they don’t know that the symbol originated as a joke, from the depths of 4 Chan, a place on the early internet that was literally created as safe haven for child pornography.

Pretty comical, considering that the QAnon crowd and the White Power groups both use “defending the children” as part of their war cry against nonexistent enemies, such as that “horrible terrorist organization” known as… ANTIFA! 😱

[cue spooky music] dumb, dumb, dumb!

In reality (and nowhere in their La-La-Land),
ANTIFA is an idea, not an organization.

Lest we forget, simply google this phrase: cops assaulting innocent protestors

This is an opportunity for all of us who are not in person at the protests, ourselves, to stop feeling powerless and to take some, small step toward unifying under the banner of love and decency, toward all persons, regardless of race, sex, sexual identity, political leaning, religion or anything else.

We don’t have to like each other.

But we must respect each other.

Respecting other human beings (sad that I have to spell this out in plain English) does actually mean that we must restrain ourselves from murdering them. This may present more difficulty for the police but the rest of us seem to manage just fine. In fact, whole weeks go by, during which time I didn’t shoot and kill anyone. True story.

Not using the police force as one’s personal hatchet for murdering Democracy is likewise implicit within this idea.

That part will certainly present as challenging to the idiot brigade that is the orange 🍊 turd’s base of support. They’re deeply entrenched in QANON conspiracy, a never-ending, Twist-A-Plot fantasy of biblical proportions, as eloquently stated by our Chief Correspondent from the Redneck Department:

Actually Protecting and Serving

We must protect the rights and wellbeing of each and every citizen, including immigrants who are seeking to become legitimate US citizens. We don’t get to pick and choose who gets a fair trial versus a kangaroo court. We don’t get to pick who gets beaten and who gets a pass.

If you think that such behavior is OK, then you suck and I would like to offer you some tea, with milk and honey… and arsenic.

But you’re reading this and hence, you certainly regard it as being just as deplorable as I do.

Old School ANTIFA… bitch.

The Sorcery of El Negro

As far as I know, there are no existing spells or invocations of this champion for the common man, known as “Blackie”.

However, I assert that such workings are highly needed and ideal for the situation we find ourselves in. Additionally, for anyone who is even reasonably versed in the arcane arts, it’s not difficult at all to construct such rituals.

I hereby invite you to add your own altar image of the heartwarming El Negro Matapacos. By placing him upon the place where you already perform your own magick, you will feed his sparky Spirit and keep the spirit (in the general sense of the word) alive.

Or perhaps you give him his own, special place. and light red candles for him. This is a wonderful, true story that moved me greatly when I first looked into it.

Saturn Hands

Materia Magica

Unfortunately, El Negro passed away on August 26, 2017 but he was reportedly surrounded by loved ones. And isn’t that exactly what we wish for everyone? That each of us gets to live a long life, preferably filled with our actions making positive changes in the world, then dying in peace, surrounded by family and friends? Of course it is.

Therefore, we can latch onto the Spirit of this brave animal, feed him and enrich the world around us with his compelling story. But how?

Well, in occult practice, we “feed” Spirits with our attention and our energy, as well as with offerings of food and drink and by giving them little gifts that align with their nature. We use colors that line up with them, as well.

That makes this Spirit an exceptionally easy one to call upon. We all already know quite well what doggies like.

Try using things that are black and red, since these are the iconic colors of the heroic, black dog and his red bandanna.

Offer him a bowl (at least a glass but dogs drink from bowls) of water. If you have an extra dog food bowl, that’s excellent for this. A little dog food and/or dog treats will clearly go over well with our Patron Saint of Protesters. Dog toys too, obviously.

Above: El Negro, made into a beloved icon of Chilean history.

A Mars Offering

Candle Magick

Candles are a key part of almost all magick. The obvious suggestions here are to use the following colors:

Black – the general color of protection in witchcraft. It’s also the color of Blackie, himself.

Red – both the color of his iconic, red bandanna and the martial color of Mars, the Lord of War. And no bones about it, the establishment began a systematic war on minorities in this country, a long, long time ago, almost from day one.

Note – I am not suggesting any type of violence in retribution against the police. That would be unwise, for one. You’re outnumbered, outgunned and they’ve become essentially a ruthless street gang and they’re drunk with power. Don’t go there. Instead, take peaceful actions and focus on the “spirit” of a righteous war against hatred, racism and the privileged few, trying to squash the masses, beneath the boot of poverty and the lack of opportunities for advancement in this country.

White – always a solid choice for cleansing and clearing the mind and spirit. The issues we’re facing are confusing and anger-inducing and we’re all going to say and do things that cause us to feel less-than-proud.

Use white candles for asking that our furry friend lends you the clear, obvious, single-minded understanding that dogs have, naturally. If someone threatens a member of the pack, a dog doesn’t question it. He launches in and protects his own.

I’m not saying that you should engage with the police, physically. Instead, have a clear mind and a clear heart and that will provide the gut-level knowledge of how to keep your pack safe from harm.


There are several that are useful immediately but with thought, you may find many that serve well, here.

Fiery Wall of Protection Oil – best, dressed upon either red or black candles. Ask El Negro to run with your loved ones who are participating in the protests. Likewise, if you’re part of a minority group, you are more at risk than most. Of course lots of white, nonviolent protesters have been beaten and pepper-sprayed and arrested, as well but it remains true that Blacks have suffered most, since long before all these public protests. Ask him to stay with you and your loved ones and guard them.

Clarity Oil – for white candles, as mentioned earlier. The best move in any campaign against tyranny is not always the loudest, most visible, most passionate one. Sometimes, it’s knowing what not to do, as well. Also, strategy and spreading the message is important.

A well done meme might go viral and drum up real support for the cause of civil rights. An expression of words, spoken at the right time, to the right people, this may go far further into winning hearts and minds, than some bold standoff in the street with lots of noise and clashes of violence.

In the same vein…

King Solomon Wisdom Spells

King Solomon Wisdom Oil – lean not only upon El Negro but also upon the famed wisdom of the great sorcerer king of biblical legend. Likewise, continue to petition the Spirits that you normally work with.

As respected author, Aaron Leitch has rightly pointed out, we should not expect any magick to simply end these struggles. They are the necessary growing pains of a species which is apparently still in need of learning the basics.

The basic, simple truths, like don’t kill each other, don’t hold down others, don’t put money and power ahead of common courtesy, duty, love and honor… these are fundamental, kindergarten level lessons that we are obviously still struggling with.

Still, we can use magick to help us stay strong through all this and to keep our own families and friends safe, through the storm.

Spells are not the Hollywood garbage that most people assume. They’re little bits of extra edge. They’re stacking the deck, a bit more in our favor. Not guaranteed wins but rather, increased odds of success.

Some protesters will be so committed to the cause that they will stand ground until literally hauled off to jail. For these folks:

Court Case Oil – an obvious need, if it does happen to go that far. Hopefully it won’t but odds are, there’s going to be many more arrests. Note, this introduces an additional color of candle: brown, for traditional, court case work. Ask El Negro to inspire your attorney with his ferocious, never-back-down spunk.

So that it won’t get that far…

Law Keep Away Oil – not much to explain, here. A little extra incentive to keep them from being so all-fired ready to engage, physically.

Other Means and Methods

There are many other types of things you can incorporate, powders, herbs, etc. But I am only giving you a few suggestions, because El Negro doesn’t belong to me. He belongs to all of us.

The point of this post is less about hocking my wares and more more about waking people up to the very real danger of the fascist dictatorship that we’re in danger of becoming. If things keep going the way their going, I won’t be in business too much longer.

Neither will anyone who doesn’t line up with the far, alt-Right, authoritarian ideology of a very fake version of Christianity. The fundamentalists, —extremely hypocritical and superficial fundamentalists, mind you— they are the heartbeat of support for this current administration.

Because, they eat up the lies. These idiots believe that it has their best interests at heart. In fact, it regards them as stupid, gullible sheep, easily led for its own purposes.

The orange turd doesn’t believe in Jesus, any more than it has any respect for the police or for veterans or for the Black community or for any, living creature, anywhere on Earth. it is dead inside and utterly incapable of thinking in such terms as anyone else’s best interests. So, fake Christians are the perfect match for such a psychotic monster.

They’re not real Christians, just people who proclaim true faith and then do what they please. And most of them are happy to see the scary, dark -skinned, people of color, put in their place.

But the Jesus of the New Testament would say:

Matthew 25:40-45

40 The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Jesus is a figure of compassion and love and the willingness to die for another person.

In the hearts of the current administration, the pseudo-president, the false Christians and the goon squad that the police force has turned into, there is no love. There is nothing there but self-interest, arrogance and pure, bitter hatred.

A Symbol Against Tyranny

But in the heart of El Negro Matapacos, there is a love for people and a fierce loyalty for the common good of the pack, as a whole.

In the heart of my furry friend here, there is a bitter hatred of the selfish, criminal cruelty that this entire administration and its Nazi, Gestapo police force represent.

Like myself, El Negro just fucking hates bullies.

He bites them in the ass.

El Negro Matapacos sits by the side of every, decent human being who knows what a cowardly, evil thing it is, to be a punk ass bully, beating innocent people and killing them… just because you have gotten away with it… so far.

But mark my words, you corrupt and sadistic little boys hiding inside the proud uniforms of America’s Police… you have already gone WAY too far. And you’re rapidly approaching a point ehere Americans are going to stop trying to remedy this by peaceful means.

I strongly suggest that you back the fuck down and fly right. Otherwise, regardless of what any of us think about it, some people out there are going to start hunting you.

You can only beat a dog for so long.

One day that dog is going to bite you.

El Negro represents the undaunted spirit of the common man, the downtrodden and of every person you hit, belittled, framed for something they did not do, every person you killed.

I’m not saying “Karma is a bitch”. Karma may or may not be a real thing… it doesn’t matter.

What I am saying is much simpler than all that. America was literally founded by rebels, by a bunch of badass motherfuckers who would not give in and bow to oppression.

If you think that you can continue to abuse the American people with impunity, you’ve made a serious tactical error.

America will repay you for what you have done, however long it takes. However many you kill and beat, it does not matter. Each blow you strike only strengthens the resolve of the common man in the street.

Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it.

The reason that Vietnam was an un-winnable war is that nobody ever taught the Vietnamese how to quit. They were prepared to die, to go through hell.

For each person you treat badly or harm, just to get your sick, immature, little sense of power and importance, you put more fire into the righteous anger that is the backbone of these protests. So, go on and keep killing and assaulting your fellow citizens of America.

Your time is near.

The day approaches in which your own families will be disgraced by being associated with you, just as those who assisted the Nazis had to live the rest of their lives in shame.


I’ve said my peace. This has been harsh and I realize that. I’ve not minced any words, this is far too important for half-measures. I had to get all of this out. It’s been like trying to overcome the poison of a rattlesnake bite. I know you have been feeling it, too. We’re in this together.

Now that it’s out out, let’s change gears.


The primary focus of this has been to highlight the injustices that have plagued our nation and to introduce you to the bravery of El Negro.

However, since he is also a patron saint of street dogs, petitions can be made to him, for the safety of homeless dogs. Also, you might call to him for the safe return of a missing dog. He might help that dog find its way home or at least to be street smart enough to remain safe while you find it.

For this, I would use a simple, Hoodoo style approach of tearing out a square of brown, grocery sack paper and writing the petition on it. Use the oils mentioned earlier to dress the petition in a “ Five spot” pattern, that’s the four corners and a dab in the center. A white, Clarity candle for a clear path home. A red, Fiery Wall candle for safety.

In some areas, the stray dogs are particularly vulnerable to cars hitting them or people harming them, out of fear or cruel, malice. Use the red FWOP to keep them safe.

In some places, the pound will pick them up but not report it properly or take the necessary measures to locate the owner. These dogs might be wrongfully euthanized. For this, a Law Keep Away candle (brown or black) is appropriate.


By Names and Images are all Powers awakened an re-awakened.

—From the rituals of The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

El Negro Matapacos – Patron Saint of Protesters

El Negro, run with us. Be with us and assist us, with your fearless and loyal sense of devotion and service to the pack. You stood by your people in Chile and served them most valiantly.

Defend us against the cruel and criminal attacks of those driven only by racism and greed. Help us to defend ourselves.

Run with us. Help us to partake in your courage.

You were never harmed, despite the fact that out of everyone present, the oppressors would be held least accountable for your death. That’s because you are an animal and so, you had even less protection of the law than the people did.

But you were more brave and fierce than all the humans who were there, Your bravery inspired all of the people of Chile. We desperately need your strength, now more than ever.

You held your ground and never wavered. You defended your pack fiercely and with great cunning.

If we have but a small portion of your foxlike slyness, then we will always evade capture.

If we have merely a tiny sliver of your fearless devotion, then we will never surrender; we may temporarily retreat but we will never quit.

If we may just borrow a little slice of your courage, then we will always be strong.

El Negro Matapacos, fearless friend of decent people, grant us your spirit, your fire and conviction.

Run with us, Blackie.

Run with us.

The above image is merely one that you can use. Google this badass pup and you’ll find several. There are shots of him defending the protesters but these are unfortunately fewer in number.

But you don’t need a picture of him in action, any picture will do and I think the one above is a fine representation of his indomitable spirit and powerhouse energy.

The above prayer (or invocation or whatever you choose to call it) is my own. It is merely a suggestion and I am honored, should you decide to use it in your work. You may ask me about reposting it, elsewhere. I’ll almost certainly say yes, I would just want you to give me the writing credit.

Write your own, as well. Spread his courage, spread the message of civil decency to all people. Spread the message that bullies are tiny, warped little monsters who need to be stopped. Spread the message of LOVE and FREEDOM.

Spread the message of a badass dog that would not bow to dictators or tyrants or anyone who tried to harm those who he loved. Tell people what you know about what’s going on in America, right now. Tell people about El Negro.

Tell people that yes, there is hope.

Resist Tyranny

Your additional words of wisdom, here: