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Praise from esteemed author, Georg Dehn

hi Trent, the pleasure is on my side. I got some important insights and I consider Your work is something I can recommend. The method I found thrilling, because additionally to the common combination of Chart and Tarot-Deck You are familiar with Geomancy which rounds it up very well.

Note from Magus, Feb 11, 2016:

I had the unique honor and privilege today to do a Conjure Coaching session with the esteemed author Georg Dehn. I’ve been doing solar return sessions with people and his birthday came up recently. Georg was kind enough to allow me to share what I do with him.

Mr. Dehn is the author of The Book Of Abramelin, published by Ibis Press.

I had read the edition by S.L. Mathers, years ago and until the publication of Mr. Dehn’s edition, the French version of the manuscript was the only one that most people were aware of. Georg Dehn introduced the world to the missing links of the Abramelin rite, which is the intense work done my magicians to achieve what is known as the “Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel”. Many important features were missing from the French manuscript and so Mathers, one of the original, founding members of the Golden Dawn, would not have had any access to those materials in his time. So truly, this is an important magickal treasure. I’ve only recently secured my own copy of this text and I’m already enjoying it. In addition to it being a far more comprehensive version, it’s also much more a collector’s item, hardbound and beautifully illustrated, with maps, photocopies of the original manuscript and more.

Mr. Dehn lives in Germany and it was my pleasure today to speak with him via the wonders of video conferencing (Skype) and to share with him some of what I do. A very fascinating gentleman, Mr. Dehn. I suspected as much from a man keen enough to unearth the Abramelin mysteries. A good day

Georg Dehn

Magus is among the best

While he says some lovely things about my services, Magus is among the best. Conjure Coaching isn’t just divination…it’s so much more. I highly recommend his services. More than just divination…

Carrie Mikell Leitch – tarot reader, Golden Dawn Adept, co-owner of Doc Solomon’s Occult Curios 

Carrie Mikell Leitch - tarot reader, Golden Dawn Adept

coach wanted

When the bell recently rang in my mind “I need to work with someone, there’s some stuck pieces here I can’t sort out solo” – I knew that as a dedicated occultist myself, this time I needed to work with someone who was not just a great coach but also an incisive magician who’s able to bring a broad and deep range of esoteric wisdom and practical magic skill to bear on matters at hand.

So thanks to my lucky stars, I found Magus Boswell, and I’m continually delighted by how well he fits this description.

I’ve worked with a lot of accomplished coaches in my time and I have to sincerely say, Magus Boswell stands out like a bright light for his potent ability to help one rapidly resolve long-standing issues and inner conflicts.

Through working with him, I’ve experienced a range of genuinely miraculous shifts, and grown to a new level of inner freedom – for which I’ll be always grateful.

If, like I was some months ago, you’re looking for someone who can help you move rapidly forward on both mundane and magical fronts, I highly recommend that you go ahead and engage the services of Magus Boswell.  You won’t regret it, and you’ll likely end up darn grateful like me.

Carolyn Elliott

very few readers

I’ve met very few readers that are able to be as thorough as Magus is able to do. He pulls from different methods of divination and quickly gets to the heart of the matter. He is also honest with people, without being mean or syrupy. I trust him with my business and with the personal issues I shared. Very highly recommended!

Nascent Magician course is challenging, fun and thorough


Regarding the course:  The Nascent Magician course is a challenging, fun and thorough course in the basics of magickal practice, with emphasis on learning by doing. The community of fellow students is a great bonus. It’s a great course for anyone seriously interested in magickal practice.

Regarding Conjure Coaching:  Magus has an incredible gift to cut through the BS and help his clients effect real change in their lives. He uses his training,experience, and such tools as astrology, tarot and dice to pinpoint problems, and with insight and compassion guides the client to change his or her own life. If you really want to change something in your life, I unreservedly recommend his coaching.

Magus helped me so much

Magus helped me so much. He gave me detailed instructions on what to do and how to do it. Now I feel I can safely perform magik again.i would seriously recommend Magus to anyone.

Dody - a patron who needed uncrossing work

cut through the BS

Magus has an incredible gift to cut through the BS and help his clients effect real change in their lives. He uses his training,experience, and such tools as astrology, tarot and dice to pinpoint problems, and with insight and compassion guides the client to change his or her own life. If you really want to change something in your life, I unreservedly recommend his coaching.

L. Meyers - Nascent Magician student 

Thank you for the coaching session

I also wanted to say thank you so much for the coaching session, its given me a lot to think about!   You are a gifted teacher and counselor, I really appreciated your time so very much. I plan on looking at my chart some more, and looking at my notes that I took tomorrow.  From our coaching session I have been pondering much on my deflecting techniques when you asked what I was feeling and wanted. At work I use similar things like complimenting [others] to lead the conversation away from myself and to direct it to where I want it to go.

You didn’t let me do that, I actually had to say what I thought and it was hard but enlightening.  In my journal I’m trying to be more direct in what I see and feel. Because I see a pattern, I tend to write about how much I like things and people more than anything else. Nothing wrong with that of course, just an honest observation of myself. Looking forward to seeing you at Pagan Pride.

R. L. - Coaching patron and Nascent Magician student

astrology reading

I’m thanking Magus for an excellent, insightful, detailed, and honest reading. He went through my natal chart for the year and made it clear that he really knows his stuff. I’m looking forward to putting this knowledge to good use. Thank you very much! Kudos!


Curse Removal

I want to thank Magus for the exceptional courses in magic that he offers and the time and dedication he puts into each of his students. I began the courses in hopes of growing spiritually. I was a scattered practitioner, and trying to figure out why some very difficult things had been happening to me. What I discovered through his generous and caring help was that an uncrossing was needed, a reversal and a binding. Magus performed these workings for me and my life has changed 180 degrees for the better. A skilled and talented magician, a calm and reassuring ear and a spiritual detective, he never once let me feel that my problems were minimal or trite. Over countless emails and messages we found the root of my problems and his workings were nothing short of a miracle! A teacher, mentor and friend, I can say that Magus is a trusted resource and puts his students in an empowered position. No matter the hour, he was available and working to help. Thank you!



Isabella Johnson

I’m so glad I did!

Thanks everyone above for sharing your experiences that helped me decide to pursue a reading with Magus. I’m so glad I did! I just got off the computer and want to encourage folks to be in touch with him for readings and other services. He used a variety of tools within the reading in a very fluid and synergistic way. I have had a variety of other people look at my natal chart before, but how he used it to start off and ground the rest of the reading and make the reading itself useful for my temperament and constitution to take in and take away from, was very unique in my experience, and extremely helpful! Aside from his intuitive skills, as a counselor he is encouraging, nonjudgmental and made me feel heard and resourced. Sometimes when someone else does divination or counseling for me I get carried away and spun-out in tangents and details, and instead I feel grounded and like I have a clear and very do-able set of actions to take. Thanks so much!

Sarah F.

I just did a Skype consultation

I just did a Skype consultation with Magus and he did a tarot reading and my birth chart and today we had a coaching session and the reading was very accurate as well and he is a very friendly, kind but still surgically focused person to work with, I recommend his work wholeheartedly. Extra points for having the cutest pets ever!


Pagan Pride Workshop

Hi Magus, this is Nelly from the second day Pagan Pride Workshop. I just wanted to thank you so much for enlightening me and teaching me about the 7-day Novena Candles. Not only did you help me learn by asking me questions and working hands on, you also gave me so much information and explained things by helping me understand WHY we do things! Again your workshop was fantastic!! 🙂

Nelly - Workshop

I must say that this course is the most complete for beginners.

I have some comments about the course. After seeing and trying other [courses] online, I must say that this course is the most complete for beginners. I don?t know why other courses suffer from a lack of completeness, but they don?t cover what?s necessary for beginners to develop in a safe and effective manner (and it?s not that they are advanced courses!). There are many [important] points that [they] do not touch, [either they] wanted to hide or simply have been overlooked, and then many people have problems they can?t solve. Or things are taught halfway, and then there are problems the student is clueless [about] and does not know what to ask to get ahead, because he/she will not even think that it is the result of what they have learned! Your course is recommended [by me] because it is effective, plus because it does not leave loose ends for student safety, so I say it’s full.

Raul - Student of the Nascent Magician course (in South America)

Gladly recommending this.

Gladly recommending this. Did Skype divination consultations with Magus. He used a wide variety of methods, including astrology, Tarot, and dice and demonstrated both his knowledge of the craft and his versatile skill. The reading was very accurate, and most importantly, he was very truthful with me. Very professional, and I mean that as the highest compliment. If you are considering a divinatory consultation, I would highly recommend his services. He has held two sessions with me now, and I’m duly impressed by his skill, insight, generosity, and willingness to teach. My life has started to open in fun and interesting ways in a very short time. For those of you who take the dive, be humble and completely honest with yourself and Magus, take his suggestions, and run with them. You’ll probably be amazed with the results.


your reading was helpful and accurate…

Hi Magus, I wanted to thank you for the tarot reading last month regarding my employment i.e. sales quota. I learned allot about myself during that process and am working toward marketing myself in another direction. I feel your reading was helpful and accurate at a time that I was quite stressed and needing support which you were both. I am interested in the Magick course later on this year to embark on.

Debbie - reading

should prove to be challenging and very worthwhile

She [another student] thought I would like [the NM course], so I signed up as well. All in all, I have enjoyed the lessons and learning. My favorite may always be the Witch Bottle as well as the SATOR [square]. Just so you know, I have read every lesson and done bits and pieces for now. She and I have been doing BOTA (Builders of the Aydtum). My goal after I get lesson 12 is to be able to print all the lessons out and start again from the start. Some of your material goes hand in hand with the BOTA. I enjoy doing these types of work/study as a group or partner, helps motivate me. For the “average” or unmotivated person, the lessons with the daily list, could prove too much but for the serious person, it should prove to be challenging and very worthwhile. All people should gain from the lessons though one way or another if they read them.

Leslie - Nascent Magician Student

I needed help and turned to Magus, he helped me

I needed help and turned to Magus, he helped me get rid of all the bad. I am so happy and free!! He really does listen…

CW - Customer

Too many compliments, too little space! Thanks!

Too many compliments, too little space! Thanks!


Mind still racing over my AMAZING first Birth Chart reading!

Mind still racing over my AMAZING first Birth Chart reading!



I cannot thank Magus enough for helping me get my life back.

I cannot thank Magus enough for helping me get my life back. I had tried everything to control the uncontrollable chaos in my life and nothing had ever worked. I prayed to God to show me what I am not seeing and two days later I found Conjure Work online. I was desperate and felt like I had nothing to lose. My goal was to regain a normal life; nothing more, nothing less. Thanks to Magus’s services and guidance I have my normal life back. The email correspondance with Magus was direct, to the point and honest. He was always available to answer questions. I immediately felt comfortable and that he is very knowledgeable. His insight is unmatched. Using his services seriously changed my life and I will be forever greatful.

BJ – Customer


I had a very rough issue.

I have to say , I am more than satisfied with the service I received from Conjure Work. I had a very rough issue. It makes me tear up when I think were I was and how far I have come. Magus is beyond excellence, very professional, compassionate and no judgemental . I’ll never forget all the support. Many Blessings.

Taylor - Customer

completely satisfied with the coursework

I am completely satisfied with the coursework thus far(up to Lesson 4) and I plan to continue with the rest of the course. Magus’ presentation of the material is very clear and he has been available to answer any any questions that I have had. I would recommend this course to any who are serious about it.


Michael - Student of The Nascent Magician Course

the first week of Janurary I landed FULL TIME work.

Pt.2… I have naturally built up a positive relationship with Magus over the last few months.He sizes up people in his own quiet way.Over the past holidays..he sensed I was going through troubled waters while I was shopping. He lit a candle for me.I will not disclose futher info..however..the first week of Janurary I landed FULL TIME work…1st time since 08…Proof is in the puddin’ where I come from..the country.Thank You Magus. You are a very old and kind hearted soul. I will see you soon brother. Blessed Be my friend.


george allison - druid

Just completed my first beginners tarot workshop at Conjure Work

Just completed my first tarot workshop at Conjure Work this last weekend.  Beginners Tarot- Great Introduction! I really enjoyed the intimate setting with only a few other students. Skilled insight was presented based on what knowledge students brought to the table and was expanded upon in a way that left me feeling how to continue my study in tarot outside of the class room. Can’t wait for the next class! Thanks!


I just want to say I have been more than satisfied with the services I have received

I just want to say I have been more than satisfied with the services I have received so far. Magus was both professional and empathetic. We laid out realistic goals and they were executed in a timely and effective manner. It was clear from the beginning I was dealing with someone who “walks the talk.” All of our dealings to date have been honest and more than fair. I’m about to begin the home study course, just as soon as we clear up a few other workings. Thank you for being a person of integrity and dedication to the Work! We need more like you in the world.

J Cas - customer and  Nascent Magician student

Hands down, the absolute finest quality herbs!

Hands down, the absolute finest quality herbs you can find on the market! Thank you, you have my business for life!

Leesa Johnson

There are no words!

I came to Conjure Work, my needs were urgent. Each time he was able to locate the real nature of the problem even though I was so imobalized that I could hardly verbalize. He did what he said he would do and the help came. It was beautiful! And, the work is still manifesting results. There are no words!

Pamela Diane Lewis

I just began the Nascent Magician course

I just began the Nascent Magician course and am very impressed with the lessons. It is easy to follow, extremely well written and every aspect of the course is noted with references and resource material. It is broken down into easy to understand and follow sections, for both a novice and an experiences occultist. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that would like to expand their knowledge and increase their magical gifts and power. As the author states, if you do the work, it WORKS! I am a psychic/medium and a practicing witch with experience in Rosicrucian magic, Egyptian & Norse deities, pagan all my life.

Isabella Johnson

He may not tell you what you want to hear

He may not tell you what you want to hear, but Magus tells you the facts as he sees them. In my case it was a spot on reading that came with some excellent advice. Rock on!

Blankenship - Customer

At the time, I didn’t really even know what I was searching to find

When I came to Magus just about a year ago, my life was in complete and utter turmoil. I am sure, like so many others, I found him after desperation led me to an internet search. At the time, I didn’t really even know what I was searching to find. After meeting him for an initial consultation, he agreed to take me on as a coaching client and student. The first thing he had me tackle was an uncrossing spell, which I can honestly say was a very difficult nine days of my life, but when it was over, I had a feeling of peace and clarity that that was previously unimaginable. On multiple levels, this was an awakening for me. Magus’ coaching style is direct and honest. He made me accountable and didn’t let me sidestep — ever. This mix of open discussion, study and homework assignments shifted my thinking, my reality, and changed my life. I will be forever grateful. =)

Kari Seiler - Finding my path

In the magical world there are many who do not have the best intentions

Dear Magus,

In the magical world there are many who do not have the best intentions, seeking only to exasperate a clients vulnerabilities for financial gain or notoriety. Often in a world filled with information overload with just a tap of the finger the web opens untold vistas of knowledge – an individuals shortcomings, naivety, or the emotional immaturity is targeted by the smooth words of a magician in order to gain ones trust and access to a clients wallet. Magus has set a very high bar for ethics in a manner which addresses a clients needs with integrity, kindness and a true willingness to serve the individuals needs in a supportive and constructive manner –  His keen ability to see ones unconscious patterns brings these to light for healing and true magic – self transformation on the deepest levels. True ‘magic’ transforms the self at ones core – pushing the boundaries of consciousness far outside of ones solid mental constructs held by outdated beliefs and ideas of how reality should or should not look. Magus is ‘magics impetus’ for creating real and lasting change in ones beliefs, ideas and perceptions – using his tools of the trade with guile, self discipline and mastery – change and progress happens. Magus is a true sorcerer – not just a great self promoter utilizing smooth words in books to lure unsuspecting and innocent victims – but, he creates space for real and lasting change to occur from the inside out – that is real sorcery. Thank you.


rose – uncrossing

I came to Magus for an uncrossing. He explained the process thoroughly. The experience was not only liberating from the binding negative energies, but it was also uplifting. The outcome of his services were very positive. Thanks to Magus my life is back on track.

rose - uncrossing

Magus gave me a thorough 30 minute card reading

Magus gave me both a thorough 30 minute card reading, and a set a 7 day candle for me to get a new job. Like others have said in the testimonials, he may not tell what you want to hear, but it’s what you need to hear. The card reading was spot on in so many areas of my life, and very insightful for what I need to do next. The 7 day candle worked perfectly, and after a few interviews, I received the job that fit my request. I’ll definitely be a repeat customer!

Anonymous customer on the west coast

doors that have started to open in a short period of time

I am pleased with the services and doors that have started to open in a short period of time. Thanks for your expertise and being straight forward and understanding. You are the Real Deal….


I asked Magus for a blessing for my son

I asked Magus for a blessing for my son. I explained that I was having a hard time myself and he did blessings for both my son and me. i could tell that things started to turn for the better. i was walking the streets of hollywood and a gang member ask me what gang iam from with gun under hoodie.i when to internal prayer (30 sec.)….he just walked away……wow

Andre Jacksun - blessing help

Alejandro's Story

I have been struggling with my practice on my spiritual path for the past 3 years since I actively started on it. I knew something was holding me back, but I was completely clueless as to what it was. Over the course of working with Magus, we explored various facets of my life that I had neglected to realize were having an impact on my practice. Within a handful of sessions, Magus had helped me discover facets of myself that were connected to this issue that I didn't even realize. Through use of intuition, tarot, and astrology, Magus helped me not only discover what was blocking me, but what I needed to do to unblock myself. And ever since then, I have moved on to the next level in my practice thanks to his coaching.

   With so many other great practitioners out there that I have worked with, Magus has been the most helpful, accurate, and expedient with results. I must really say that he has blown me away with his intuition, knowledge, experience, and charismatic personality”.


Alejandro describes himself as a 35 year old, gay, Hispanic, male who is on an eclectic spiritual path, best described as shamanic in nature. He works at UNC Chapel hill, lives with his partner of 9 years in Durham with their 2 Shih Tzu's and 2 Cockatiels.  When not practicing spirit work, Alejandro enjoys studying psychology, martial arts, philosophy, anthropology and mythology. Alejandro is also an avid video game player, fan of Japanese animation, and costuming.

Marla's Story

Marla is a single mom with two sons and a full time career. She enjoys spending time with her kids, getting outdoors, experiencing new and different cuisines, indulging in books, and appreciating the continual learning that life has to offer. The situation for Marla got hazy when, having already gone through a painful divorce, the situation led to an even more difficult custody battle. On top of that, she recently had to go through another, major life stress when she had to move, from Durham to Charlotte, NC for her career with one of the major financial institutions.

Marla says “I was inspired to work with Magus to gain direction on some major life events; divorce, career advancement and spiritual connection. Magus has been my pillar of stability and spirituality, providing guidance and clear focus in my current life challenges. His wealth of information and direction has allowed me to gain clear focus, I have a much better understanding of myself and how to filter through one’s actions as it relates to needs, wants, and spiritual awareness”.

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