Pomba Gira 2
A working for a patron, to one of the Pomba Gira
talisman 1
A talisman consecration
Table of Mercury 3
consecrating the 10th Table of Mercury
Venus 1
Working on some sigils and seals of Venus for a ritual for a patron. I paused here, because the blank space was where I was about to write their petition. This is a work from quite a few years ago. I don’t post pictures of any current workings, for privacy reasons and magickal reasons.
Pomba Gira 4
Pomba Gira offering
money spell 1
a money spell for a patron
Pomba Gira 3
Pomba Gira pic 3
small spell
a small spell
love mojo
This was a love type mojo hand that I made for a patron. Unfortunately, it worked so well that it frightened her and she disposed of it!
custom incense
a custom incense blend, for a patron’s conjure working
test spell 1
“Study, Pass Test” spell for a patron, 2
test spell 1
“Study, Pass Test” spell for a patron, pic 1. These are seals from the 6th and 7th Books of Moses, specifically the 10th Table of Mercury. The first is a photocopy, the next is my hand-drawn recreation. I then consecrated them. I’ve yet to have this spell fail for anyone.
Blessing 2
A simple, Blessing Rite for a patron. The face is obscured in the photo for privacy.

Attraction 1
An attraction spell, to draw a lover to a patron (not a specific person, just a suitable partner)
Attraction 2
Attraction spell, pic 2
Candles 1
Candle display at the old shop location.
inventory 1
Some inventory… figural candles, 7 day candles, stick incense, Florida Water and more
Helios Blessing
A blessing for a friend in need; petitioning Helios to lift them up. They seem to be doing great today!
Ganesh 1
Ganesha. I used to have a small altar for Lord Ganapati. Now, I only call on Him if I have a specific need for myself or for a patron.
Pomba Gira
This was an offering to one of the Pomba Gira, on behalf of a patron.
uncrossing 1
An uncrossing rite for a patron
Teaching a workshop at Pagan Pride Day in Raleigh
Saturn Prison
One of the spells from my personal additions to the conjure arts. It’s called the Saturn prison.
Helios 1
Helios working, to consecrate the Helios Oil (in the bottle, to the right). For this particular work, I strayed from the traditional rites and away from my own, original rituals and instead used a ritual by Jason Miller.
Binding 1
A binding spell, to stop a person from harming another. I only do this kind of work in cases where it’s justified. It’s not black magick but it’s dangerous, so I ask to see things like police reports, restraining orders, etc, before slapping one of these on someone.
protection mojo hand
Some prep work for a protection mojo for a patron. Red petition paper (looks sort of pink in this photo), herbs, candle, Dragon’s Blood resin, Dragon’s Blood ink (in a base of regular, red ink). The mojo bag was not in this pic.
Blessing 1
This was a basic, Blessing Spell for a patron, many years ago.
Mars offering
An offering to Mars, the god of war, lust, competition, masculinity and more. Not surprisingly, He likes spicy foods, tobacco and hard liquor.
scrying 1
Crystal ball working, to scry a location of an item.


Hekate 1
  Hekate working, to consecrate the Hekate Oil. This was done on a “Super Full Moon” in the sign of Scorpio. Normally, I would not use the Scorpio Moon, as Luna is “fallen” there. However, for the Witch Queen of the Crossroads, it was exceedingly appropriate.
mirror box 1
For emergencies, only. A mirror box, reversal spell. Only when real, verifiable proof has been obtained that someone is working malefic magick on one of my people (my friends, family, patrons, pets, business, myself, etc) and they have to be full on… stopped. This is never taken lightly.
mirror box 2
The reversal part of the spell. The coffin is buried in the graveyard. Like I said, you don’t do this lightly.