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A poet, musician and occultist, Magus holds the equivocal job description of Conjure Coach. He helps select, private clients to discover innovative solutions to a variety of problems, both magickal and mundane.



Steeped in two decades of practice with the tarot, astrology and ritual magick, he uses a diversity of methods to peer onto the astral plane, collecting intelligence, identifying objectives and manifesting those goals on the material. Standing in the gap between the witch doctor and the life coach, Magus works at the crossroads where Hoodoo, Pagan and Ceremonial Magick meet.

Born as Kevin Trent Boswell, he goes by the nickname Magus, not as some lofty title but rather the opposite. For him, this very simple moniker means nothing more than one who practices the arts and holds about as much weight as the titles of butcher, baker or candlestick maker. It’s therefore quite amusing when some insist that it’s somehow pretentious or vain.

The misunderstanding lies in that in some magickal writings, the term Magus is used to refer to a full-fledged master of the arts and in others, it is merely a label of convenience that we ascribe to the student. He makes it exceedingly clear that he embraces the student aspect of the term and rejects the notion of having achieved anything near mastery.

In 2010, Magus established Thaumaturgy 777, an exclusive conjure supply house, offering up the finest in custom materia magica, those requisite items of ritual magick, such as spell books, oddly-shaped candles, strange powders, mysterious incenses, bizarre curios and of course, the herbs and oils of witches and all those who call upon the unseen for aid.

The name was changed in 2015 to Conjure Work, because it has a lot less syllables and generates less questions about its meaning! It’s sort of a no-brainer:

Where do you go when you need conjure work? Why… Conjure Work, of course!

In personal ritual practice, Magus is an initiate of The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the renowned training ground of great ceremonial magicians, like Israel Regardie, Dion Fortune, Aleister Crowley and the poet W.B. Yeats. Magus is very fortunate and proud to be under the tutelage of its esteemed Chief Adepts, Chic and Sandra Tabitha Cicero.

Magus is a graduate of Catherine Yronwode’s Hoodoo Rootwork Course and currently working through a few other programs, like Jason Miller’s Strategic Sorcery.

He is also self-taught in various Pagan practices of spell work and divination. He’s a Strategic Intervention life coach by way of Robbins-Madanes Training. His poetry is both published and self-published.

Playing in bands since the age of 18 and having studied jazz guitar at UNC Wilmington, the unifying themes here are those sacred arts of Orpheus: music, poetry and walking the liminal boundaries between the worlds.

Of supreme importance to the existence of any and all of this is Hekate, the Mother of all deep spaces, the oceans, valleys and the immense firmament. She, a dangerous mistress of the unknown, frightening spaces, is indeed the reason that Conjure Work exists at all. Magus remains eternally grateful to Her for Her help.

Queen of the Witches


There exists also a band of important allies including La Santisima Muerte, the infamous Saint Cyprian of Antioch, the solar Titan Helios, the classical Planetary Powers, not to mention an array of lesser forces and other, more infrequently visited giants.

Most Holy Death
La Santisima Muerte


Through a potent and intense course of study, called the Nascent Magician, Magus guides his private students into the arts of Ceremonial, Hoodoo and Pagan style magick. Students are required to pass a dozen rungs of practical ritual execution, including tests and homework.

Its purpose is to help people forge themselves into fearless magicians who live audaciously, embracing that tonic of an intelligent faith which is enacted, lived out moment by moment.


Patron Saint of Professional Occultists
Saint Cyprian of Antioch


Magus is primarily interested in going as far as he can go, in evolving and becoming the best that he can be. An excellent method of achieving that is to try to help others. To help others, you must help them solve their most troubling problems. To solve those problems, the individual must change and do it effectively.

Something must exist as a catalyst for all this Effective Change. As such, Conjure Work exists… standing unwaveringly upon the edge, in the gap between known and unknown… at the crossroads, waiting to be of some small assistance to fellow travelers.


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Magus (Kevin Trent Boswell)



The lunatic is on the grass.


-Pink Floyd, Brain Damage, from the album Dark Side of the Moon