Conjure Service Guidelines

Please read this section carefully and understand:

* I’m a Root Doctor, not a medical doctor.
* I’m a coach, not a therapist or a psychiatrist.
* I’m a sorcerer, not a lawyer.

Any advice you receive from me should be followed up by consulting with your physician and/or any other professional caregiver that you have.

I can do a spiritual healing ritual for you. Even though I have a good record with healing, that’s no substitute for medical treatment. The intelligent person will utilize their physician’s care first and then follow it up with a spiritual approach.

I can walk you through a wide variety of difficult situations and help you to stay motivated. We can develop strategies and I can act as a second pair of eyes and ears for you. However, what I do is NOT traditional therapy. If you fail to hear this point, then you will have a severely skewed expectation of the process that I use and you will not get as much out of it.

I have many success stories of helping people who have had emotional issues, such as depression, anxiety, etc. This doesn’t mean that I’m a psychiatrist or licensed therapist. If you’re looking for a magickally-oriented practitioner who does have a PhD and can legally hang out the therapist shingle, I can actually refer you to a friend of mine. However, that’s not what I do.

I can do court case work for you (as in cast spells to give you the winning edge) but I’m not a lawyer or even a paralegal. Any services I render to you are spiritual in nature and as such are not recognized by the legal system.

I cannot diagnose or treat any illness, either physical or mental. I repeat, the work I do is spiritual in nature. To be successful in reaching any goal, you must have the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers of your world, working together in harmony.

* Before you buy that car, let your mechanic look it over and tell you if it’s a lemon. If it passes that test, then you can consult your sorcerer, so he can read the cards on it.
* Let your doctor prescribe your cancer treatment and by all means, follow their advice. But also, let your sorcerer throw magick at it, to stack the deck in your favor. Use everything that works.
* Listen to your lawyer and let them argue your case for you. But before you go to court, get your sorcerer to try and tip the scales in your favor.

Be smart. Use rational thought, logic and a scientific approach to solve all of your problems.

But then calmly and quietly, behind the scenes, let your trusty sorcerer throw some serious juju at that shit, to push it over the edge.

Before you follow any advice I give you, such as burning incense, putting oils on your skin, bathing in an herb mixture, ingesting herbal mixtures, etc, you should consult your doctor.

Exercise caution, regarding any allergies you may have, or any medical conditions, such as diabetes, if you are pregnant or nursing, any prescriptions you take that may cause reactions with any herbs (MAOI inhibitors, for instance), etc.

For a small percentage of the population, some herbs and oils may have some type of allergic or other adverse reaction. These are usually not a big problem but you should be smart and take precautions for your health.

Please provide the following information:

* Your full, legal name
* Your addresses, both mailing and where you live
* City, state and country of birth, with the complete date (month, day and year) and the correct time of birth, if you have it (see your birth certificate)
* What you want to get out of working with me

I have a NO REFUND policy, no exceptions.

All payments are received in advance. Working with me is like going to a doctor. The doctor does not guarantee success, nor does your lawyer. All they can do is try. Anyone who tells you they can guarantee success is either a scammer or simply over-confident. Only a con-artist will guarantee results.

The very best sorcerers have maybe an 80% success rate. I usually bat about 70-80%. What I can guarantee you is that I will do my best for you. If at first we don’t succeed, we can try again with a different tactic.

In life, we try t things every day that don’t work the first time. Magick can be like that as well. Sometimes the first spell works just fine. Sometimes the third spell does the trick. It’s impossible to say how it will work out, since the factors are always changing.

Likewise, you don’t always get the first job you apply for. The girl you like doesn’t say yes the first time you ask her out. The weight doesn’t come off because you ate seven healthy meals and took two walks. Things take time and consistent effort.

You are paying me for my time, my counsel and my services. I will do my very best to help you but some problems may prove to be very difficult. And yes, some things you might want are impossible.

Even the best doctors can’t save every patient. I can’t walk on water. I will do my best and that’s all I can promise.

Why then, would you want to use my services? For one thing, you’ll know in advance that I’m being honest with you. Someone else will just blow smoke up your ass and assure you that they cannot possibly fail. So, working with me means starting from a place of honesty.

Run away from anyone who guarantees success. False practitioners who make 100% guarantees are merely preying on your desperation. Life has no guarantees.

That new outfit you bought… did it really guarantee you that you’d get that boy of your dreams? No, of course not. But you went ahead and bought the makeup and you shelled out extra for the shoes, too. You did it for the added advantage it gave you, because in that new outfit, you feel more confident and confidence is sexy. It helps you look more appealing and while it doesn’t guarantee you’ll get what you want, you still have a better shot at it with the outfit, than you do without it.

If I provide you with any sort of magickal item, such as an amulet, mojo bag or a talisman, you may have some responsibility with it, such as feeding it or praying over it regularly. If you need something more low maintenance, let me know in advance. I can keep that in mind.

If I give instructions and you don’t follow them, the working will likely fail. Let’s avoid that… just follow the instructions, no more, no less. If the doctor tells you to take two aspirin and call him in the morning, you don’t take two Ibuprofen and then call him at noon.

Just like electricity, magick takes the path of least resistance. I cannot tell you exactly what will happen as a result of your spell. When we affect our reality, we take chances. Ever said something nice, only to have it taken the wrong way? Nothing is completely predictable.

Sometimes, a spell has worked and yet, people don’t recognize that it has succeeded. This is because they’re looking for the miraculous. The answer to your problem will usually come from what seems like a very mundane source. The result may even be boring. It has been said that People quite often fail to recognize opportunity, because when it shows up, it is dressed in work clothes!

If you’re looking for flash, expecting the Red Sea to part and frogs to fall from the sky, then look elsewhere. If you will be perfectly content to simply have your needs met, without any fanfare, then we can work together.

If you have me do a magickal working for you that is designed to help you get money, know that it will not just fall from the sky. You will have to go out and work for it.

Magick can provide you with more opportunities to make money… but you will have to get out there and and look for them. Once you find them, you’ll have to utilize them.

If you follow all instructions to the letter, there is good reason to expect success. Shortcuts, half-measures and plain old bad attitudes will not bear sweet fruit.

If you take the poke at it with a stick and see if it wiggles approach, you will have wasted your time and money. Sure, I can take your money and let you be disappointed but I’m not about that. I’m only interested in building a roster of happy patrons. It’s a basically selfish motivation, sure. It’s so I can feel good about what I do and build a positive reputation.

But that’s how you know you can trust it.

The Spirits petitioned on your behalf will expect you to do your part, whatever you are capable of. If you’re totally up the creek, they will know and they’ll work with you; they only expect you to do your best.

Keep silent about any work we do together. Don’t talk about it to anyone. Magick works best in silence. Even well-meaning friends can unintentionally ruin a working.

Maintain total silence.

I will help you formulate a spell that is likely to help you meet your needs, so you’ll be positioned for success. I prefer to cast a wide net, using spells with flexible, adaptable wordings; this leaves you open for many possibilities of blessings. Such a spell will keep seeking out new leads, until it finds a suitable ground.

The energy dissipates over time, so you’ll want to take advantage of it, right away. If I do attraction work for you, to help you find a suitable partner, don’t wait until three months later to go out more or to join a dating site. Get started immediately.

In some cases you’ll need to redo the work, every once in a while. Some things (like finding a job) are single-shot events. Ongoing pursuits (like the development of your entire career) require more maintenance.

It’s important not to have any spiritual crossed conditions when spell work is attempted. If spell work is done for a client who has crossed conditions, then the energy will not ground anywhere positive. Instead, it might go where it is undesirable. Or, it may keep looping until it finally dissipates.

Curses and spirit attachments will cause people to become a sort of positive repellant and/or a negative attractant. When we do our consultation, I will tell you if I see any signs of crossing. It’s not the norm but probably one in five people that I work with have some sort of crossed condition that has been holding them back.

A popular scam is the false worker who tells you that you are cursed and that only they can remove it and they charge you thousands of dollars for the service. This is not how I work.

If you have crossed conditions, I will treat you fairly. Not everyone needs this type of work, anyway.

Best case scenario:

* you do the work yourself (I guide you through it)
* your case is not serious (a one day or three day ritual)
* you already have some of the supplies on hand
* you do everything correctly
* you maintain good psychic hygiene from there on…

Worst case scenario:

* I do the work (you’re paying for my time and effort)
* you have a serious case (a nine day rite)
* you buy all the supplies (candles, incense, bath mix, etc)
* you don’t follow instructions (we have to do it again)
* you don’t use psychic hygiene (we have to do it again)

You get the picture.
Follow directions, it makes life easier.

If you hire me, then DO NOT hire another worker, simultaneously. This is important! You might think you are doubling up on the power, but you’re not… you are only messing it up. You may cause some problems that cannot easily be fixed.

If you want to work with another magician instead of me, fine. Do whatever you want, I won’t chase your business.

But realize that if you hire two practitioners to work on the same problem, you are demonstrating a lack of faith in each of them. It could even cause problems for the workers that you hire. The two workers might take very different approaches to the same situation and these approaches might conflict.

If a time frame can be given for your working, then I will let you know. But for most things, there is just no timeline that can be reckoned.

Some things can be expected within X number of days, weeks, or months but not most. If it seems like it isn’t working within the time frame I gave you, check back with me. It could be that you forgot one of the instructions or did it wrong. It could be that the answer to the request was simply a no. Maybe I missed something and I need to follow up on it or patch the mistake… I’m not perfect. If I messed something up, I would not charge you to fix it, of course.

It could be that something else is needed. Some cases are quick and easy. Occasionally, something that seems simple turns out to be complicated. Sometimes you go in for an oil change and the mechanic informs you of a much more serious problem. Don’t shoot the messenger.

If a working fails, then we’ll try something else. Be patient and I will do my level best to help you achieve your desired result.

Don’t expect instant results from any working. It can happen that way but usually, it doesn’t. Most things just take time to manifest on the material plane. Usually, the Spirits are usually not too eager to help impatient people, anyway.

I almost always take photos of the work that I do, to show you. Your mind will need some sort of closure, some small assurance that the work has actually been done. It is best to look at these photos only once, then delete them. Certainly do not show them to anyone else.

These days, I only do spell work for my Conjure Coaching patrons. These are people that I’m in an ongoing coaching relationship with. If you want me to throw magick at your situation, you’ll have to be signed up for one of the Conjure Coaching plans. See the Services page for those.

First, we’ll do a one hour consultation. This will give you a chance to meet with me, before you commit to anything. We’ll see if we’re a good fit for working together. I will tell you what I might be able to do for you.

If I can’t do anything for you, I’ll be honest about that. I won’t accept any money from you unless I believe we have a decent shot of getting you what you are after.

To help me determine whether I can help you, I use divination and quiet contemplation on your situation. Of course, I ask my Spirit helpers and listen. There is usually something we can try. If not, I will refer you to someone else or just say no. It does happen sometimes.

You must be at least 18 years of age to utilize my services rendered. Before you and I can work together, you will need to download this document, sign it, scan it and email it to me:

Waiver of Liability

The above is just the usual, legal precaution. It doesn’t bind you to anything, it simply states that you understand that I cannot legally guarantee you any kind of results of any kind, any more than a lawyer can guarantee to win your case.

Something that you can guarantee to yourself is that you won’t stop trying until you succeed. If you want to hold yourself accountable to that (and I highly recommend that you do), then you should also print out this form:

Agreement With Your Unconscious

This document is not legally binding. However, it does put you in a position to where you will need to follow through with your promise to grow, learn, to adapt and do your best.

Don’t sign it…
unless you’re absolutely serious
about getting more
out of your life

Let’s get started today and get you back into the game.