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A Closer Look

Take a closer look into the inner workings of Conjure Work, with the links below:

Guidelines for Patrons

For those who are considering Conjure Coaching and having Magus do magickal work for you, here’s the stuff you need to know.

There’s a lot more to successful magick than simply paying someone.

It takes genuine effort on both sides of the equation. The information here will ensure that you get the most from your time and money. 

A Closer Look, photos, Conjure Work, conjurework.com sorcery, Hoodoo, witchcraft, Conjure Coaching, magick
Working done for a Conjure Coaching patron


Everyone is skeptical… that’s GOOD. That’s your brain, your Higher Self, your Guardian Angel and your Spiritual Court. They’re all getting together for a little intervention and saying to each other, “Hey, let’s keep this idiot out of trouble”.

That’s because they know that the world is teeming with con artists and two bit hacks.
They’ll either take your money and never even lift a wand to help or they’ll do something that makes your situation even worse.

So it’s important to do your homework when you reach out for help. I’ve collected every positive testimonial I have permission to post (because there are TONS that I can’t post) and I put them all here, for you to review.

Every single one is genuine and these are real customers and Patrons who are expressing thanks for something that I did to help them. Enjoy and I look forward to working with YOU!

A Closer Look, Testimonials for Conjure Coaching, Services and supplies at ConjureWork.com
Testimonials about Conjure Coaching, The Nascent Magician and Conjure Work products

Meet Magus

This link will take you to the bio page for Magus, owner of Conjure Work. Musicianpoet and ritual magician.

He’s a guitarist and guitar instructor, magick teacher and has over a thousand works of poetry, some of which are in publication, through self-publishing and various poetry journals, magazines, anthologies, etc. 

Photos, Look and See

Here, you get to see a handful of the types of spells, rituals and enchantments that Magus does for Conjure Coaching Patrons. It’s an inside look at the belly of the beast.

A Closer Look, Photos, Initiation Struggles, Temple, Magnum Opus, conjurework.com sorcery, witchcraft, occult supplies
The Temple, Magnum Opus

Conjure Club

Conjure Club is an excellent program that you might call a monthly, spell kit subscription. Each month, you get a selection of various Conjure Work brand magickal products and it includes one or more spells. There are awesome information sheets and special surprises. The S&H is FREE!

A Closer Look, Conjure Club, Potions Bundle, monthly subscription for Conjure Work supplies
Conjure Club, Bundle #9 – Potions