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I’m a sorcerer. To help you get what you need, I use ritual magick, NLP, trance work, tarot, geomancy, dice, Strategic Intervention, life coaching, astrology… and the kitchen sink if necessary.

As a professional sorcerer, tarot reader, astrologer, Strategic Intervention life coach, I use all of these skill sets to help you get what you’re after.

I call upon Spirits through ritual magick. I use trance, NLP, and the kitchen sink if necessary, to help people get the change they are after. However, I don’t work with just anyone. I only work with those who are committed to solving the issue on every level, so that it gets truly resolved and not just pushed to the back burner. 

I have combined all of my various skill sets into a unique type of service that I’ve branded with my own term, Conjure Coaching. See the Services page. Read that page carefully and let’s get started today.

You want to change something. You may want to lose weight, get a better job, make more money, get a new relationship, (or improve an existing one). Maybe you want to make better grades or get into the right school. Maybe you are a practitioner of the magickal arts and you need to get more training.

You may not even be sure what needs to change, you just know something is wrong, you feel stuck, like there’s no answer, no hope. You think you’ve tried everything.

You have not tried everything. Not yet.

If you’re serious but you’re not sure what to do, contact me and we’ll create a strategy just for you. We’ll get you real, measurable results. Don’t stop to think it over, because after you check email, give the thumbs up a dozen Facebook posts, answer the phone, have a snack, watch some tv and maybe do some stuff for work. 

Three days later, you’ll have a vague, hazy memory that you were going to do something that seemed like it would have provided some real help.



Did you hear that? That was the sound of settling-for-less. Once you do that, it gets easier to do, again and again. Let’s break that cycle and get you back to what matters most to you. Get out of the trance of modern living and re-engaged with your own, highest values.

Ever misplace something? It was somewhere in your house but you feared it had been stolen or lost for good. Then you found it; it was there the whole time. There was nothing to be afraid of… but the fear was intense, just the same. Your current challenge is just like that.

The answer to your problem is there. Let’s find it. The plan to achieve it is actually very simple. The trick is perspective. The magick is in following through on the small, simple action steps. I help you with that. It’s a rare person who does this well all by themselves. Most successful people have a coach of some sort.

The president has economic advisors, speech writers, media and military advisors. Every ruler has a consigliere. Queen Elizabeth ruled the most powerful empire in the world and she regularly sought the advice of Dr. John Dee, an astrologer, magician and inventor.  

John Dee giving a demonstration to the Queen.


President Ronald Reagan routinely met with his personal astrologer. While he was hardly trouble-free, Reagan did have a successful acting career and served two terms as the most powerful man in the world. 


You might be thinking “But I’m not running an empire, it’s just me”. Except… you are running an empire. You’re the ruler of your own kingdom. In your head, you have a military advisor, a public relations advisor, an infrastructure advisor, an economic committee and so on. 

The problem is that no one person is wise enough to see matters that they’re too close to. The smartest people in the world have an outside pair of eyes, someone who helps them to identify the weak spots, someone who encourages them when times are tough and perhaps pulls some strings from the other side, once in a while.


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