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  • Personal Coaching through Strategic Intervention, trance/hypnosis, NLP and personalized, problem-solving strategies.
  • Conjure Supplies  Here are all the oils, candles, powders, herbs and supplies for your spells. Whatever your Path, it’s here. 

  • Magick CourseThe Nascent Magician, 12 huge lessons in the art of magick, with homework, tests, completion certificates and lots and lots of practical work.

  • Free Magick Lessons – Several helpful articles I’ve written about commonly asked about situations.

Conjure Work Supplies

Conjure Shop; ritual magick supplies, candles, herbs, oils, powders, incense and more!
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Candles, Herbs, Oils,

Powders, Incense & more

Conjure Coaching

Through coaching strategies, we formulate a plan, just for you. And then… drum roll, please

we back it up with ritual magick.


Conjure Coaching
is a term I coined, to illustrate my blend of coaching, spell work and readings. It’s truly unique; no one else is doing anything like it, anywhere. 

Throw a rock and it will hit a tarot reader or an astrologer. Lots of people read runes, bones, dice, etc. There are scads and scads of hypnotists and trance practitioners out there. NLP is huge these days and if that’s all you want, anyone will do.

Magicians, conjurers and sorcerers multiply like flies and often, they grow in the same places.

They’re happy to take your money and will show you no proof that they’re actually working for you. I will show you pictures of the work I do for you. You’ll see it in action.

There are tons of people out there who read for you and many of them are very good people. They do one, two or three of these things for you.

I do ALL of it. I put it all together into one bundle and it benefits…YOU.

And unless it’s something that directly benefits you, Guess what? I leave it out. I use only the tools and techniques that you’re comfortable with and that are getting you positive results.

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Conjure Supplies

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Conjure Work Services

Pretty much everything you need, under one roof. Conjure Work supplies, like candles, powders, oils, herbs, books, curios and tools? Got ’em. Tarot readings and astrology? Got it. Need spell work services? That’s here, too.

Hire me… get it done.

In 2010, I started Conjure Work (under a different name). The reason for Conjure Work’s existence is to help people like you, through tarot, astrology and the methods of Strategic Intervention personal coaching. I use all of these skill sets to help you get what you’re after.

I’m a sorcerer, a ritual magician, a Hoodoo man, if you will. To clarify, that means I do conjure spells for you. Additionally, I’m a coach and I help people in non-witchy ways. I combine the two and as a result… I am a Conjure Coach.

To help you get what you need, I read cards for you. I analyze your astrological birth chart and check what’s going on with your current, astrological transits. When it’s prudent, I push some ritual magick your way… or I walk you through how to do it for yourself.

Every time we talk, I help you reprogram, by the methods of NLP, trance and Strategic Intervention personal coaching. Hell, I use the kitchen sink, if need be.

Accumulating all these skill sets, over many years of personal and professional practice, something struck me. Why not combine all of it into one, power house type of coaching session?

Combining all of my various techniques of divination and ritual magick and personal coaching, I’ve come up with what I call Conjure Coaching.

Invisible Helping Hands

I call upon Spirits through ritual magick. I assist you to get the change that you are after. However, I don’t work with just anyone. I only work with those who are committed to solving the issue on every level, so that it gets truly resolved and not just pushed to the back burner. 

You want to change something. Losing weight is no longer a nice thought, it’s now a need and you are hungry for a way to stop feeling so hungry. Getting a better job, making more money is now a do or die situation. You’re ready to start a new relationship or improve the existing one. Making better grades or getting into the right school is suddenly on the front burner, not the back one.

Maybe you are a ceremonial practitioner of the magickal arts or… you want to be one. Either way, you need more training and this is where you get it.

Maybe you think you are not even sure what you need, you just know something is wrong. You feel stuck, like there’s no answer, no hope. You think you’ve tried everything.

But there are still things for you to try. If you’re serious, contact me right now and let me help you create a personalized strategy, just for you. Together, we create real, measurable results.

Don’t stop to think it over. People make the fatal mistake of putting things off. Not you. The mail will wait. Someone else will like those Facebook posts. Let the phone go to voicemail. You can have a snack after you make your appointment.

Let other people scratch their heads, asking…

No Settling

Dread the sound of settling-for-less. Once you settle for less, it gets easier to do, over and over again. Break that cycle right now and get yourself back to what matters most to you, in your world. Break out of the trance of modern living and re-engage with your own, highest values.

The answer to your problem is here. Your plan to achieve it is actually very simple. The trick is perspective. The magick happens in your following through on the small, simple steps. I help you along the way. It’s a rare person who does this well, all by themselves. Most successful people have a coach of some sort. The president has many advisors, economic, media and military advisors, speech writers. Every great ruler has some kind of a consigliere.

Queen Elizabeth, the ruler of the most powerful empire in the world… she regularly sought the advice of Dr. John Dee, an astrologer, magician and inventor. Think there was no Conjure Work going on there? Of course there was. The angelical magick system that Dee put together survives and even thrives still, today.

John Dee giving a demonstration to the Queen.

President Ronald Reagan is famous for routinely meeting with his personal astrologer and using her advice in his policies. While not trouble-free, Reagan put together a successful acting career and he is remembered. His two terms in office as the most powerful man in the world might have had some cosmic inspiration. Doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of his or not. You must agree that what he did, worked.

Do It For The Empire

You might be thinking “But I’m not running an empire, it’s just me”. Except… you are running an empire. As the ruler of your own kingdom, you need powerful strategies and powerful allies.

In your head, you have a military advisor, a public relations advisor, an infrastructure advisor, an economic committee and so on. The problem is that no one person is wise enough to see matters that they’re too close to.

All of the smartest people in the world have an outside pair of eyes, someone who helps them to identify the weak spots. It’s essential to have someone to encourage you when times are tough and perhaps have them pull some strings from the other side, once in a while.

Put down the doubt and pick up the pace. Time waits for neither you, nor me. Start now. Be the thing you want to be. Be the thing you truly are, your highest, most actualized self.

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