Spell Work

Light Setting
The simplest magick I do. Have me burn a candle for your need, as in church.

I ask for a picture of you (or the person you are praying for). I write a petition paper (or have you send one in).
I dress the candles with special herbs and oils. I pray on your behalf.

Three Sizes

Small $5 – I set a small light for you, usually a 4″ or 6″ inch candle. Often, I use a tea light (or several of them). It depends on the situation.

Large $15 – Here, I will use a 7 day candle or a particular figural candle that matches your need.

Deluxe $35 – The best way to go, this is a 7 day or figural candle, combined with an offering of food and drink to the Spirit or Deity that best fits your need.
Additionally, I will choose the best available astrological
election (time) for the work.